Thursday, January 10, 2013

A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR..... my wish for you.

I hope you all enjoyed the Peace and Joy of the Christmas Season and as we turn the pages of 2013 may your right hand always be stretched out in friendship and never in want.

Yes, I know it's been a while... 2012 was not my best year for blogging, in fact it was not the best year for us in a number of ways.   I had my fair share of health issues, a spell in hospital in March, then in July I broke my foot and was out of action for 10 weeks but, the most traumatic of all... at the end of October... John and I were involved in a motorway pile up.  Our car was a total wreck but we were thankful to walk away with nothing more serious than whiplash injuries for which we are still receiving physio treatment.  Part of my treatment has involved acupuncture on my shoulders and neck.  I was somewhat sceptical about this at first, but I have to say how amazed I am at the wonderful and great relief it has brought.   Due to all of these set backs, my lovely garden has suffered too...  sad to say its usual autumn tidy up did not take place and putting it to bed for the winter was not completed.

Before it gets too unseasonal for them, I'll share a few of my Christmas pictures...

What a success our 2012 Church Christmas Fair was.  Here am I with friend Olwen setting our craft stall out the evening before the event.   Our church has a very enthusiastic craft club... we meet every month and like minded ladies busy themselves making items to sell at the various Fairs we hold throughout the year... 

I made a selection of Christmas stocking....

....and some tree decorations, although folk were buying them to use as pin cushions too

...see the embroidered hearts in the rear of the basket...  I have been so inspired by lovely blogger Jenny http://the  
Jenny makes the most amazing items from old embroidered items.  The clasp purses she makes are exquisite.  Do search her blog and admire them for yourself.

Olwen was responsible for decorating these candles so beautifully, using patterns cut from paper serviettes.  They were very popular.

Like most places in the UK, Wales has suffered day after day of relentless rain, rivers have broken their banks and fields have turned into lakes... everywhere the ground is saturated.  The waterfalls look fearsome and sound thunderous but are quite spectacular.   Nevertheless, despite such adverse conditions it has been unusually mild and already there are signs that spring is in the air.  Each day is gradually lengthening minute by minute and on a recent walk around my neglected garden I was amazed at what I found.  Clumps of daffodils are showing quite a few inches of leaf growth so too are the snowdrops and bluebells and the new shoots of crocosmia are well through the earth.  I am delighted with the number of flowers on the hellebores, they must have been in flower for a while... how could I have missed them!  Several clumps of polyanthus have been flowering for a while too.

What a change this morning though! It is very frosty and dawn has broken into a crystal clear blue sky.  How blessed we are to have a rain free day and experience some precious sunshine... everywhere looks quite different.    I've just surveyed the morning from my window, the village looks quiet, I can see that some of the cottages already have fires burning from the tell tale smoke that rises from a number of chimneys.  I saw a flock of cormorants fly overhead, no doubt returning from the sea with a breakfast  of fish filling their tummies... they are on their way back to their nesting places on Bird Rock.  Now I must fly and start my day.

Blessings - Marion



Beth said...

Hello Marion! So good to see a post from you. I am sorry for the ill health you suffered. I hope 2013 is a much better year for you and John. Your Christmas tree is pretty, and I really like the stockings you made. Ron and I are well. Our daughter who lives in TX was home for Christmas; our son and grandson and Mom were here too. I have a new puppy - 8 wks old and adorable. Hope Kenzo is doing well. May God bless you and give you a year of prosperity, joy, peace, and good health.
Hugs and blessings, Beth

Willow said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too Marion! I do hope that this year 2013 will not hold so many setbacks for you.
Enjoy your spring flowers!

Betty said...

Precious Sister Marion,
I was delighted to see your post pop up on my reader feed. As always, the pictures are beautiful and transport me to cozy everythings looks!

I remember from the pictures you sent of the Craft Fair how many things you and Olwen had made! Simply beautiful!

Bless your heart you had so much to bear in 2012 and then the wreck...I can sympathize with you there....I still have a horror of riding after dark.

I do pray that 2013 will be a blessing to all...

God Bless...Betty

Sara said...

Happy New Year, Marion. It was lovely to see your Christmas photos. I must go look at Jenny's blog next.

It sounds like you can see a lot from your windows. I'm glad you have enjoyed some sunshine and hope many more such days come you way this winter.

Betsy said...

So glad to see you are back Marion. What a good picture of you and Olwen at your craft table with some very nice crafts. Enjoyed your Christmas photos and will check out Jenny's blog now.
Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Maa said...

Hello Marion, Your Christmas pictures are lovely and I especially liked the decorations you made. Sorry to hear of all the setbacks and unfortunate accident you had. I hope you both recover quickly and you have a wonderful 2013. Hugs Sue

Barbara said...

Hello Marion. Saw your comment on Sara's blog and thought you might be back.
Was so sorry to read of your ill health and car accident last year. So glad that you are OK and do pray that you will soon be back to full health.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year and many Blessings in 2012.

Hope the current severe weather is not affecting you too badly.

Mountain Mama said...

Hello Marion. It's so good to see you back to the blog. I have missed your posts. So sorry about all the problems you had last year and I pray the coming year will be a blessing to you.
Your Christmas decorations are so pretty. I didn't do much this year, just a tree adnd a couple things. I probably wouldn't have done anything bet some of my kids were coming.
DO take care and I will be back soon. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Charming charming craft fair! As they say, the grass is always greener on the other side! While it is raining too hard in one part of the world, there is not enough rain in another! Many parts of our countryside were devastated by drought, and now areas needing snow are not getting that either!

The Custards said...

Hello again
So sorry to hear of your trials and tribulations - I hope that all is mended now.
How lovely the things that you have made are - a delightful mix of bits and bobs (just the sort of thing that I like)
Thank you also for your kind words - that is most sweet of you
Best wishes for 2013

Barbara said...

You certainly managed to do quite a bit in spite of all the health problems etc. I love your Christmas stockings. I had acupuncture many years ago and found it helped too.

Thanks for your visit and comment. Yes we are well though I have been struggling with Sciatica since October. A nuisance as it affects sleep. Blessings

The Custards said...

Dear Marion
So lovely to see of your creative makes. Thank you for your kind words - I am a sucker for a bit of flattery. I wish every happiness for the year ahead
Best wishes

Barbara said...

Well I know this post is a couple of years old but i hope you get this anyway. Again a Happy New Year with good health and many blessings.

Mary said...

I just saw on Sara's blog (which sadly she's closing) that you will be coming back - that's great news Marion!
Happy New Year to you and your loved ones - looking forward to your stories from beautiful Wales - so will be waiting for you in blogland and hope to see you posting here soon!

Hugs, Mary (in North Carolina) who's still blogging in earnest, haha!!!!

Betsy said...

Hope to hear from you soon, so enjoyed reading all of your postings.