Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Introducing George

We rescued dear George from a family that didn't care for him and didn't want him . We estimate that he is about 6yrs old. He's a real fuss-pot and a great companion.


Carol said...

Ah he looks like a gorgeous lion!

abe/happy said...

I found you through a comment left on Carols Blog and your very gorgeous George is lucky that he has found a "forever home" with you.

He also looks a lot like my sisters kitty called Tom :-)

Have a great day

abe/happy said...

forgot to say Hi Carol Hi Alice *lol*

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Hi Carol, thanks for stopping by.
You too Abe/happy. I've already made a quick visit to your blog, I shall return and have a good read. Lovely doggies!
Thanks also to you both for your listing, it was a nice surprise! Marion

abe/happy said...

Thanks for the kind words.