Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Reflecting back to sunnier days

Apart from a small window of blue in the sky on Sunday morning, recent days have been dark, damp and dismal. So reflecting back to sunnier days and scenes from my garden last year, was a cheering little interlude that gives a reassuring promise of things to come.


Alice said...

What a gorgeous garden. Bet it didn't look like that when 'The Bill' lived there. It looks such a sunny little corner - so inviting to sit and relax.

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

How right you are Alice. When we bought the OPS the garden had been badly neglected over the years and was densely overgrown with waist high weeds. The landscaping of the garden was jolly hard work, we had to terrace it off to cope with the level of the ground that slopes down to a bank, which in turn, drops down to the footpath that runs alongside the little river.
The blue summer house, tucked up the far corner of the garden, is a favourite retreat of mine, a lovely place to read, write, enjoy a glass of wine or simply have a snooze. We keep it heated, so its lovely at any time of year. Marion

Carol said...

Ha ha @ "The Bill" Alice! :D

Your garden looks truly beautiful Marion, I do especially like the blue summerhouse, I'd love to sit there with you and have a glass of wine.