Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Further to a comment left by Carol on my last posting I have now enabled annymous comments to be left on my blog. (Well, I really do have to give credit to my son for adjusting my settings. Thanks Christopher).

So, Sigrun in Germany, I look forward to hearing from you, as well as any other reader that would have liked to have left comments but have encountered difficulties because thet don't have their own blog site.


Anonymous said...

Well, Marion, here I am! Last October we have been in the Cotswolds, and the year before in Aberystwyth and around. And when I look at your photos I feel like beeing in Britain!


Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Ooops! I've missed an 'o' out of anonymous! Marion

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Hello Sigrun...
Lovely to hear from you and great to hear that you have visited the Cotswolds. An area of such beauty. I wonder where you visited, I'd love to know. I have a few pictures that I took a couple of weeks ago when we visited there, I'll post them and who knows, you may even have visited my home town.
You know Aberystwyth too! Well, this is a coincidence! Aber' as we called it, is about one hours drive from where we live. It is where we go if we need things that only the larger stores stock. My brother lives there also, so its a good excuse for shopping as well as visiting him. As you probably know, it has a fine university which is home to the Library of Wales. Its a popular sea-side resort, particularly for people who live in an area known as 'The Midlands' in England.
I'd love to know where you visited in the Cotswolds. Marion