Saturday, March 04, 2006


I write this little story for Sigrun who left comments in my last posting about the Cotswolds. She has visited the lovely village of Minster Lovell and I was wondering if she had heard tell of its ghost.

The scene is set way back in history when Francis, Viscount Lovell, supported Richard III against King Henry VII. There was a feirce battle fought, known in the history books as the Battle of Bosworth Fields. Richard III was killed and, being pursued by King Henry’s men, Lovell fled to his Manor House in Minster Lovell.

There he hid in a secret chamber. The only other person to know of his whereabouts was Lovell’s trusted servant. Having been given the key to this secret place, the servant continued to serve his Lord in secrecy and each day took him food and drink.

However, the old servant suddenly died and yes, you’ve guessed it! Lovell’s hiding place became a tomb and he was left to starve to death.

Generations later, whilst structural alterations were being carried out at the Manor House, workmen opened up a large underground vault, in which they found a skeleton seated at a table with the disintegrated remains of a book and writing tools.

It is said. That the mornful cries of Lord Lovell can be heard amidst the ruins of the Manor to this day.

Hmmm! Spooky! I wonder how they discovered all these facts. Still, we all love a good story don’t we.


Andi said...

Hi. Love your blog. I'm from the states and one of my dear friend's maiden name is "Lovell". I shall ask her if she's heard this story. Have a nice day!

Alice said...

England has so many ghost stories. We went on a 'ghost walk' in York - great fun. Can you imagine the anguish of that poor man as he awaited his inevitable fate.

I'll email you in more detail about comments from your previous post. (Don't get me started on England - I just may never stop!!!)

Mindy said...

What a tragic way for this man to sad. I love to hear these old stories and legends, its so intriging, please share more with us. Hope this finds you well dear!! Hugs to you...

Anonymous said...

Marion, you are a good teller of storys! I love them all! My husband is standing behind me and smiles. He also loves Britain in all its parts. Now I looked at my pictures from Minster Lovell again and found them, some houses with thatched roofes. But I found no Manor house. And we have never heard about the gost. Pur goost! Genrations later found!
In the moment we chance bed-cllothes, I know, it is Sunday. But in the week we have no time. Are you interessted in knowing the name of my bed-clothes? Winter Rose, and it is from Britain!

Alice, my husband and my younger daughter also went on a gost-walk in York, where we have had a holiday cottage for a week years ago. I like york very much, because I can shop the whole day! 


Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Andrea..... Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm pleased I brought up something that may be of interest to your friend. Let me know if she's heard of the story please.
Alice..... You've been evereywhere! Hmm! I'm beginning to get the impression that you like England a bit, could I be correct? Ha! Ha! Did you visit the Jorvik Centre when you were in York. I love it there! I can't wait to receive your email about your relatives in Gloucestershire. I'm having probs getting your blog to stay open for me again. I've been trying to post, This morning I just get quick glimpses of the air balloons and then it crashes on me. I have reported it, so hopefully it will get sorted. I'm not having probelems with any other blog, strange! In the meantime, do keep in touch.
Mindy..... Yes, I love a good story too. Tho' it gets me how they know all these facts, if it was a secret chamber and the old servant took the secret to his deathbed. Well, as I said, we all love an intriguing story.
Sigrun..... I'm pleased that I have been able to bring back some fond reminders of your lovely holiday. Like Alice, I can tell that you love England. I had to smile when you tell about changing your bed linen, well, dear, these jobs have to be done don't they! Its one of the simple pleasures that I adore.. getting into a freshly made bed with cool cotton sheets. Winter Rose, is that a pattern from the Edwardian Country Diary range, I think Dorma make them? I too love York! I remember visiting one time, must have been about this time of year, I walked the castle walls and the banks were amass of golden daffodils. Marion

Reflection Through The Seasons said...
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Anonymous said...
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