Friday, March 24, 2006

Has it really been a week since I last posted. In one way its seems longer because of the enforced inactivity I’ve been subjected to, in another way, time has passed quickly.

I have to thank everyone of of you who have left comments and sent personal emails. All have been very much appreciated and I think I’ve just about got around to responding to each one.

I’m just going to add a few lines about how things are and then move on.

I’m still getting pain in shoulder and arm and pins & needles in my hand. I did try a few sessions with the Osteopath, but that was far too brutal and left me in agony. I am now receiving gentler physiotherapy treatment. Painkillers have been increased, which do give a degree of improved quality time. Thing is, I feel quite spaced out and sleep a lot. Well, that’s it, enough of my aches and pains. John has rigged a little shelf to accommodate my keyboard at a different level which makes typing somewhat easier.

I am reminded of the saying.... ‘We think what we are, and we become what we thought.’ So, I need to stop feeling sorry for myself and think happier and more positive thoughts......

There is much evidence of spring around and it is a delight to see little lambs skipping and jumping in the fields. I always think of March and April as being ‘yellow months’ there is such a profusion of daffodils, primroses, and celandines in the country lanes and forsythia in the garden. Bird song has increased and its quite lovely to see them flirting with each other.

This weekend our clocks are put forward one hour to ‘Summer Time’. Oh what joy, longer daylight hours at last.


Sue said...

Hi Marion,
I'm here via Kerri! Your post makes me so ready for spring. I just love seeing baby lambs when we drive over towards the ocean to camp
I'll stop by again,

Mindy said...

Oh Marion..its so good to hear from you!!! Please continue to rest and take care of yourself....your flowers are just lovely...we had 80 degree weather here just yesterday, and I of course had to get out in it!! Pruned a little here and there and spruced up the patio, still have much to do. Pray that you will enjoy you day and heal quickly..hugs dear..xo

Maggie Ann said...

Marion, I just came back over to show my husband your lovely pictures...and see you have posted. I am so sorry to hear that you are still having pain, and have been through the wringer so to speak. May the Lord hasten the healing of that pinched nerve. And yes, aren't the longer daylight hours a happy thing. I never like it when the days are shortened and it gets dark so early. I enjoyed your descriptions of spring, we don't have any flirting birds that I've seen, but I know we will soon. Every year they build a nest on top of our front porch light and on the bathroom windowsill outside. I try to get the nests off the house before they have a chance to lay thier eggs. The robin out front is very persistent and will restart the nest several times before moving on. I feel a bit mean moving them but you know what the consequences are...bird mess all over the porch and bird nurserys' for ever so long. Take care, hugs to you...(gentle ones)

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Marion, I am so glad to see you back here once again. I know all about pain and I am so sorry to see that you are still having it. Pain is no fun believe me I know. If something would just stop it that would be great but nothing stops mine. I have had chronic pain for 10 years now. Exercise helps it the most. Thanks for visiting my site and leaving such a special message. That was very special to me!! Take care of yourself. Hopefully you will find something to help out your pain. Sandy

Garden girl said...

marion - good to have you back....oh gosh tahnk heavens you alerted me to the fact that UK does the clocks thing this weeeknd...I didnt realise thought it woul dbe in early april sometime!! I am ringing mum this weekend so thanks for that info...that was I wont disturb her while she is making dinner!!

abe/happy said...

Hi Marion
good to hear from you on our site. OK you can have spring I am sooo over this heat and sunshine !!! let it rain and let it be freezing roll on winter i cant wait !!

Diana said...

It's so nice to see you at the keyboard again. The snow is deep still here but the the sun is doing it's best to melt it. Yesterday me and my husband went to my first ever gardening exhibition and it was fun. Didn't have that much money with me but I did manage to spend about £68 on bulbs and plants. :-) Next year I will save up so I can buy more :-)
Take care!

cicely cooper said...

Hi Marion-lovely to see your spring
flower arrangement- and yes it is great that ths clocks are going forward today- Les loved to see
you on screen - hope to hear from you soon- Cee Trev Les

Carol said...

Oh yes finally the clocks were turned back at summertime, wasn't it a lovely long spring day today?

I send you lots of positive thoughts so that you'll feel better soon! Spring will help too I'm sure! Hugs xox

Carol said...

Strange, my first post disapeared so I'm trying it again.

Yes finally we're back at summertime, wasn't it a lovely long spring day today? At least here it was, we could even take our tea/coffee outside on the terrace.

I'm sending you tons of positive thoughts, so you'll feel better soon. Spring will help too I'm sure! Hughs xox

Connie and Rob said...

I am so sorry that you are in pain. Hope your therapy will soon help. I myself am going to the doctor to have my left thumb/palm area to get checked. The pain and pins and needles are getting bad. We will see what he says.

Spring just magnifies all your senses. It is wonderful. I will have to settle for seeing little bunnies jump. Looking out and seeing lambs sounds so cute.

Please take care,

June said...

Hi Marion,
I love it, John always knows what to do. You are alucky lady to have him. I hope you start feeling better soon! Luv, June

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Thanks to you all and your lovely comments, they truly are appreciated.
First I must say a big thank you to my new visitors , Sue, Cicely and June. What a lovely surprise to see you here. Cicely and June, I know we regularly correspond by other means, and I hope that now you’ve found your way here, you will become regular visitors and Sue, I’m pleased that through Kerri you too, found your way to Wales.

Mindy - you are such a dear with your good wishes. I’m quite envious with all that lovely weather you are having and the opportunity of getting out in the garden, Oh! if only....

Maggie Ann - You comments are a joy to read, I’ m pleased you enjoyed sharing a little of Spring in Wales.

Sandy Dear - I know you are a long sufferer of pain, it just gets you down doesn’t it! However, I do have to say, that you hide it well with that lovely smile of yours.

Krissie - Nice of you to stop by. Pleased to have reminded you about our change to summer time hours. Did you remember it was Mothering Sunday too?

Val - Well, I can certainly let you have some rain! It’s rained for days here. How cold do you get it in ‘your winter’???

Hello Diana - You certainly had a good trip to the garden centre. Wow! you spent a lot on bulbs and plants, how much are you planning on saving for next year. So nice to see the amount in £’s too!!!! Save me having to do the conversion.

Cicely - I shall chat to you later today. Yes, aren’t the flowers lovely. they came as such a wonderful surprise, Large van drew up and driver came out carrying large box containing this beautiful bouquet of spring flowers complete with vase too, how posh can you get! From our dear friends V & M in London.

Carol - Well, I think that your part of Europe is experiencing better weather than UK. Rain, rain and more rain, plus howling winds here!

Connie & Rob - You too are suffering poor dear! sounds like an other trapped nerve. I just know what you are experiencing, it drives you potty doesn’t it!

June - (Virginia USA). My friend for a number of years from a little ‘Gardening Group’ we set up to share our gardening experiences.

Thanks again everyone, its been lovely to hear from you all.
Lots of Luv - Marion

Lulu said...

hope the pain goes away soon..

Maggie Ann said...

Hello Marion, hope you've had a good day and that the pinched nerve is getting better day by day. What a shame you've had to suffer so. I'd better get to bed, just thought I'd stop by. Hugs, Maggie Ann

Kerri said...

The flowers are gorgeous Marion. Thanks so much for sharing them. You have so much love in your heart. Thanks for sharing that too :) You're a dear, sweet person and a real encourager and you are much appreciated. John is a lucky man, and George is a lucky cat :)