Friday, March 17, 2006


I can see from from my tracker that a number of you are checking out my Blog only to discovered that there are no new postings. I’m sorry about this, but have to add that I’m rather indisposed at the moment, I have a trapped nerve in my neck which is causing extreme pain in my arm together with an explosion of pins and needles into my hand, each time I extend my arm into that ‘keyboard’ position. I have therefore been advised by my Osteopath that I must not use my keyboard until this nerve is freed.

As well as being painful, this saddens me greatly, I really am missing meeting up with my blogging friends, but I need to take a break whilst this heals. Please stay in touch. I will be back ASAP.

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MariaJ said...

Oh I was just going to ask you where are you, we miss you all. Remember now to rest your arm. Hope your spring is nice there and you can enjoy the nature.