Sunday, June 18, 2006



Carol said...

Wow I love that little victorian glass house or do you call it winter garden? Gorgeous gardens!

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

I think I’d call it a conservatory and a rather nice one at that! I just loved how very natural and homely everywhere looked, the conservatory for example, wasn’t at all tidy, quite cluttered in fact, the window sills had lots of dead flies lying there, newspapers about, gardening items thrown down on a chair, I passed a comment to John about this, saying that if it had been my garden that was open, I’d make great efforts to have everywhere looking just right, but when I think about it, I think they are correct in letting it look just normal and homely and just how they live, not at all pretentious. Marion

Tammy said...

Nice place!
Loved the pic of you sitting amid the soon as I get more ink in my printer I'm going to come back and print it off...I am trying to collect pictures of all my blogging buddies in a notebook.

Sue said...

I loved seeing all the unusual trees and flowers, many of which I've never encountered. Thanks so much for including us in your tour :-)

HORIZON said...

Such a peaceful garden- can l use that first picture as a screen saver if you do not mind Marion?
Lovely photos of both you and your husband- where there many other people there?
Love all the different green shades and textures- wonderful.
We have a micro climate up here - can even grow palm trees. Not quite warm enough though for the tropical flower varieties that l see in Cornwall - pity.

HORIZON said...

Arghh- just wrote a nice message and the screen went blank!
Anyway l wanted to say- the place looks very peaceful and l liked the photos of you and your husband, John.
I asked if there were many other people visiting?
Also asked if l may use the first photo as a screen saver. Love the strong shapes, colours and textures in all the photos.
l really love architectural plants too- wish l had more money so that l could create garden sculptures! I like architectural plants for their strong presence in the garden- designing should be both for inside and outside spaces.
When l visit with family in Cornwall l enjoy going to Trebah gardens- it's like walking into another world.
Now lets hope when l do the word verification it does not erase this. hmm

PEA said...

How I would have loved to walk through that garden with you! Being from a colder climate and having such short summers, we can't grow a lot of the plants I can see in this garden so I would find it fascinating to be able to see them for myself! Wonderful pictures!!

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Good Morning Horizon....
Just checked my mail this morning and yes, I got a double take of your message yesterday. I think what may have happened, a while back, I was getting really ‘nasty’ links left in my comments, so to control this I now have my comment moderation enabled and this allows me to screen comments before I publish them, of course, if you are not aware of this, it looks as if your comment hasn’t gone through, so naturally you try again.

I would be delighted for you to use my photograph as your screen saver, what a compliment!

You ask if there were many other people about, there were a few, but we arrived right on opening time, so we were ahead of most, its always better to do it that way if you want to take pictures I think, even so, I still had to wait a few times for people to move out of a shot that I wanted to take. but on the whole, it was quite comfortable.

Good to know that you too are an architectural plant lover, the skills of Mother Nature are simply incredible don’t you think!

I agree about Trebah Garden, its Fab! I haven’t seen any of their advertising material for a while, but they used to use one particular garden scene that I simply adored, I had a poster of it at one time, you just would never guess that it was in UK. Cornwall has some beautiful garden, so you must be spoilt for choice when you visit. Marion

HORIZON said...

Thank you for that Marion- can see now what happened- what a wally l am!
Wish this rain would clear up- feels like Autumn already but at least l have a nice screen saver to cheer me up.