Sunday, October 22, 2006


Here are the promised pictures of our new floors, not quite finished yet, the trim has to be fixed around the edges in both rooms. However, housework has suddenly become so much easier and although George walked quite gingerly over them at first, he now appears to like them too.

From comments left for me on my last posting, I think I have been given far more credit than I rightly deserved in my efforts for helping John with with this job. Maybe I should have worded it as moral support more than hard labour. I made the coffee, fetched tools and maybe held things in position, but noting more arduous than that.

Despite it being a wet and windy weekend we had decided that we would have a more restful time and booked our Sunday lunch at the hotel on the lake, it really was lovely. I intended to take more pictures, but batteries ran out.


mrspao said...

Well, moral support is worth its weight in gold! I bet John was glad to have you cheer him along on a great job. Those floors are absolutely beautiful!

PS I will post you a simple sock pattern which I found very nice to use very soon! I do have a book of 40s patterns as well but I think I've packed them somewhere safe!!

Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

OH Marion the floors are gorgeous, what a great job he did (and you too, support is essential). I enlarged the photos and feel like I got the chance to visit you and come along on your lunch. Thank you, I so enjoyed it!

Val said...

Excellent way to spend a Sunday! Twas blowing a gale and raining here in Dorset.

Annabelle said...

Job well done John! The job goes quicker when you have moral support and a lovely person to keep you company. I adore the floors and can't wait when someday I'll them too.Oh I almost forgot to mention;the sofa is gorgeous.

P.S. The first picture is where? I love the mountains and water.

Annabelle =^..^=

Sue said...

I think technical and moral support is essential! You both did a great job with the floors. They look wonderful!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Gorgeous. You are going to JUST love them too. I love pictures. I love pictures of you and JOhn too. Keep them coming. Hope you are feeling great...Sandy

Tammy said...

beautiful floors and home...very cozy looking!!

Jacran Cottage said...

My Mum used to live in Wales. She was in North Wales for over 20 years, in the Mold and Wrexham areas, and a short drive from the Horseshoe Pass and Llangollan. Then she was in mid-Wales, Powys county, for a couple of years before moving to the edge of the Lake District. My paternal grandmother was Welsh, from South Wales. I love Wales, especially North Wales. Which lake were you at for Sunday lunch? I've been to the Snowdon area ... beautiful.

Lovely floors you've installed. I just found your blog and look forward to reading more.

Jackie in Ontario, Canada

Michael Manning said...

A great job on the floors. I know, having rebuilt my Mother's house, I subcontracted the gutters, concrete plumbing and electrical. But I co-designed the deck. Took me 3 years but she is happy with it. That's all that matters! BTW: You have a lovely home!!

Kerri said...

I love that photo of you and John Marion! You're certainly sounding like you're feeling better and you're looking good. I hope you are feeling more like your old energetic self :)
The new floors look really snazzy...absolutely delightful. It makes me want to do the same in our house!
John did a wonderful job, clever man, and I'm sure you were tons of help. Moral support, tool fetching and fresh coffee are all 'must haves' :)
I can imagine how pleased you must be. Loved seeing these pics of your pretty home.

Kathleen Marie said...

How beautiful! And yes, you will love them. I love mine, so easy to keep clean. I have wood floors in the kitchen and dining area. Fabulous. Your house is so charming. Thanks for posting all those wonderful pictures and my guess is you helped out a lot more than you realize :) The area you live in is also very beautiful.

Blessings to you both!

Connie and Rob said...

Oh my you just have a lovely home. Your floors just make the room even more beautiful. So glad you look like you are doing well.

Take care,

Lis said...

Your home is beautiful and so cosy. It pleases me very well

Sigrun said...

Hi Marion, we are back from our holidays.
Your home looks very nice, like a british home in a magazin!


Carol said...

Hi Marion,

your new floors are looking fantastic and so do John and you on that lovely photo!