Tuesday, November 14, 2006


On our journey to Buckinghamshire a couple of weeks ago we passed through the beautiful County of Herefordshire. This County is well known, not only for its apple orchards and cider making, but also for its pretty ‘black & white villages’, so typically English.

As cottages have been the topic of a few postings recently with Carol in Germany having named hers ‘Boxwood Cottage’ and Maria in Finland ‘Woodpecker Cottage’, I thought I would show a few, well perhaps a few more than a few! of some exquisite half timber cottages that Herefordshire is well known for, so well known in fact, that Herefordshire Tourism have produced a little booklet showing a tour aptly named ‘The Black & White Village Trail’ that takes in these villages.

The cottages I show in the following posts are a few from the village of Pembridge, a medieval village, first mentioned in the Doomsday Book. I regret now that I didn’t make a note of the many interesting names each had, I was too busy dodging the traffic or waiting for it to clear so that I could quickly take another picture.

Each cottage is built in a different style and on that sunny autumn day all looked utterly charming.

If you'd like to enlarge for more detail, click on the picture.


Anonymous said...

These are the prettiest cottages aren't they, and make me feel quite homsick. We have more than a few in Worcs where I grew up. I enjoyed looking at them, thank you for taking me along on your drive Marion.xo

Anonymous said...

What a lot of beatyful cottages. I would like to see some of this houses from inside. In Germany we also have some of this houses too, especialy in small towns or villages
Thank for the pictures

Kerri said...

You've given us a lovely tour Marion. How very thoughtful of you to 'take us along' on your trip. How else would I ever see these lovely cottages? They have such character. I've always loved this style. I'm noticing that the yards seem very small. Are there usually yards in the back of the cottages?
Funny to see the modern yellow 'bug' against the old cottage.
Hope you're doing well Marion. We're having rain, rain and more rain. Ugh! I'm longing for some sunshine.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh Marion, these are amazing and I am so happy you shared them. Since I love all things England and can't be there to see them in real life, I feel as though I was able to walk the village anyway. It's also interesting to see the various door colors. The next best thing would be to actually go inside one of them!

Jacran Cottage said...

Oh I just love those black and white buildings!! I'm more familiar with the ones in Chester. I don't think I've ever been to Hereforeshire, but these cottages are just beautiful! I could live in any one of them!! I agree with Lis, it would be wondeful to see some of them from the inside.

Thanks for the tour!

Jackie in ON
(Jacran Cottage)

Sue said...

These are each lovely cottages! I always have a different picture in mind when I think of a cottage (sort of tiny and out in the woods) These seem quite large and in town!

Alice said...

What lovely cottages, Marion. Thanks for taking back down memory lane and our all too brief time in Herefordshire - a beautiful county.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Marion thanks for stopping by today to see my Thursday Thirteen...what fun I had doing it. Every thursday I think..wow now what today but this one just POPPED into this ole' thick brain of mine!! HOpe your day is going great...Sandy

Shoshana said...

These are beautiful cottages.

Someday, I'll visit and see them all with my 5 kids and hubby....I have to grow the kids first. :)

Sigrun said...

Thank you for the beautiful pics.Mr. Wonderful and I are full with yearning now! He is coming home in this moment and I showed him the photos.


Kathleen Marie said...

Gorgeous country! It is so lovely.
What constitutes the difference between a house and a cottage?

I often wonder what my house should be called as it isn't the norm. I mean, you would not find it in your average neighborhood.

A mountain cottage?

I enjoy visiting your blog!

Jeanette said...

Hi just popped in from Horizon
Love your photo's of the black and white Cottages opening straight out onto the pathway.
I Shall return to see /read more.

Connie and Rob said...

Dearest Marion,
How are you? It has been a while since I have been able to stop by. You look wonderful in your pictures.

Thanks for the tour of the cottages. They are just lovely.


Anita said...

Dear Marion, please check your e-mail account, I just sent you a mail (that might end in your spam filter...)
Many greeting from Germany!

HORIZON said...

l just love this style of house- each home so individual and rickety however they have stood the endurance of time!!
Hope you are keeping well.
Bests xx