Sunday, January 14, 2007


I usually call in at our local library on a Saturday morning, I never know what little gem I shall find there. However, this Saturday I’d got my hopes up that a book I’d ordered would be there and YES, the librarian informed me that my eagerly awaited book had arrived. Sent down from Llandudno Library in North Wales by special request.

I’ve been trying to get a copy of ‘The Magic Apple Tree’ by Susan Hill for quite a while without success. I’ve had it on order from Amazon for months now as I actually wanted a copy of my own that I could keep, however, they too are experiencing problems obtaining it. I’ve had several dates of expected delivery given to me, only for Amazon to subsequently defer them. Well I’ve got it now, I’m thrilled and, a peek inside, assures me that I’ll not be disappointed. Just my sort of book. Susan Hill eloquently describes the many aspects of village life in the English countryside as it changes throughout the four seasons.

Saturday was indeed a lucky day for me at the library, as can be seen from my picture, not only a copy of the Magic apple Tree, but I found two other gems. A lovely book on 'Crazy Quilting ' (please note Anita) and, 'Crafts for a Beautiful Home' produced by the Editors of Victoria Magazine. Both are gorgeously illustrated which has set me in a quandary as to which one I should take on first. However, you may just spy a book mark in one that tells.

Enlarge if you like and you'll see the books more clearly.


Susie said...

Looks like a perfect way to spend a cozy afternoon! We are having such freezing weather here in "sunny California" that a good book and snuggling by a fire sounds perfect!

mrspao said...

I love visiting the library - you never know what great books you might find.

Val said...

As a librarian I am thrilled by your description of your visit and joy that the books brought you! Long may you have your library to enjoy. All too often, small local libraries are threatened in the name of "efficiency".

Ive never lost the joy of wandering around the shelves, even though I am not working at "the coal face" any more, but behind a desk and a library website - so you can reserve books without even leaving your blogging space at home!

Kerri said...

You did have a lucky day Marion! All 3 books sound wonderful and I can imagine you in a comfy chair poring over them. Or at the sewing machine working on a beautiful craft item.
Do you still have George? I haven't seen any mention of him for a while. I do hope all is well and that he's still providing you with good company.
Rain here again today, but colder temps. We'll have ice tomorrow I think. xox

Anita said...

Oh Marion, congratulations on all your new books... as well as on the new sewing machine!!! I can't wait to see your first results - I am so glad we share the same hobby now!

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

The Magic Apple Tree sounds like just my cup of tea! And that one by Victoria magazine I bet has some lovely things inside.
Enjoyed seeing your walk and all the surrounding beauty there.


Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

I`ve just accidentally fallen on
Susan Hill`s blog Marion! Thought you might be interested.


Sheila said...

I must look for the Magic Apple Tree. You said you were inspired to begin crazy quilting,now I see you are well on the way..!
I just purchased The Country Diary of an Edwardian is a centennial edition..I read it many years ago and am delighted to rediscover it. She was another lady who liked to reflect through the seasons.

La Tea Dah said...

Lovely books --- perfect to read while curled up in front of a cozy fire while sipping a cuppa tea! Please tell us more about them! Have you ever read Maeve Binchy? One of my favorite authors --- I'm waiting for her 'next' book --- as I think I've read them all so far and am waiting for my own cuppa tea and cozy fire with a book like hers to read!

Sigruns German Garden said...

Ah, Marion, you will also quilt?
It is allways good to have new books.


Carol said...

Oh great books, you'll certainly have a good time reading and looking through them. The Magic Apple Tree book sounds wonderful. Last Saturday I saw the movie "The Holiday" a real lovely film which partly played in Surrey England and Kate Winslet owned such a gorgeous and cosy cottage there in one dream of an English country side village I could have packed all my stuff and just move in there! xox

Kathleen Marie said...

I just love the smell of books. Books bring in fresh life, other worlds, etc... I will have to try and find this wonderful Susan Hill book. I am intrigued!

Thank you for sharing you library adventure. I sure have been enjoying the Paperback Swap ( I have received about 14 books and all I pay is postage for an exchange!

Have a fabulous rest of the week!

Pura said...

Good books you'd found! now you can get plenty ideas to do. Librarys are fantastic there is always somthing on the shelfs for us.

Lee-ann said...

a good book is always worth waiting for well done to you I am sure you are enjoying it all cozy in your home while winter rushes around outside.

we are very hot here and getting hotter.
joy to you tody. Lee-ann

Annabelle said...

Oh Marion, aren't books great? I just can't get enough of them .They possess this quality of drawing you into their world and holding you captive. I'll have to check out "The Magic Apple Tree" and the Victoria book. They seem to be the books I always cherish to read over and over again.
Quick Note to Sheila and Carol: The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady is one of my fav books which I bought for $3o U.S. dollars. This past summer I found another for $3 dollars and then the book store had a whole skid of new editions for $10. Anyways I have three. I also found one for a quarter {a soft cover edition}. And again last summer I found Edith Holden's story at a flea market for $7; a great read of the English countryside. As for the movie “Holiday”; you’re right Carol to say her cottage would be a dream to live in. I just seen trailers and heard about it and wanted to see it but had no one to see it with. Now I'll go on my own if I can't find anyone to accompany me.

Annabelle ~^..^~ xo