Sunday, March 18, 2007


Today many bunches of flowers, potted plants and boxes of chocolates will be proudly given to Mothers all over the country in celebration of Mothering Sunday, falling as it always does on the 4th Sunday of Lent.

Mothering Sunday is the equivalent to Mother’s Day in other countries However, more often than not it is now referred to as ‘Mother’s Day’ in Britain too.

The origins of Mothering Sunday is interesting, it has a history that goes back to the sixteenth century and was not in fact a celebration of motherhood, it was when people who lived in the country or outlying areas from where they originated, made a point of not going to their local church but instead returned for a service held in their ‘mother church’. This was referred to as gone ‘A Mothering’. It was often the only time when whole families could get together for family worship due to difficult working conditions or hours that would otherwise keep them apart.

At this time, young girls who worked ‘in service’ as maids for the wealthy, were given the only day of the year off, allowing them to visit their mother church and be with their family. Whilst walking to church the girls would gather wild flowers from the hedgerows and meadows to give as a gift to their Mother.

Over the years such working conditions have changed and the original meaning of Mothering Sunday has been somewhat lost and ‘Mother’s Day’ has taken its place and become the celebrated day when we show respect and give thanks to our Mothers for all they do for us.

Today in many churches across the land children are given bunches of
spring flowers to give to their Mothers.



HORIZON said...

Thanks for the info. Marion- l did not know this!
l hope you are having a nice weekend.
We have snow forecast for tonight and it is so very cold outside.
I am glad to be sitting inside with the fire on behind me here playing catch-up with my blogging friends.
l am enjoying my day just taking it easy :)
Bests and hugs x

MariaJ said...

Happy Mothering Sunday to you Marion! Thanks for the history also. We celebrate our Mothers Day on 13th of May this year.

Gotta Garden said...

That was interesting to learn! Happy Mothering Day to you!

Susie said...

Happy Mothering Day Marion...
I enjoyed reading the history of this holiday.
How sweet that the children are given bouquets to present to their Mothers.
Lovely idea!!

Joanne said...

Dear Marion,
I'd read about this aon another site, too... sounds like you have a lovely celebration that hasn't become so commericialized (like it has here). Do you have a Fathering Day in the UK, too?

Betty said...

Good morning to you...Hope your day is going well and continues to do so.
I left a comment yesterday but guess it didn't go through. I won't repeat but just say how much I enjoyed the posting and how informative it is.

Thank you for your compliments on Bellingrath Gardens.

La Tea Dah said...

What an interesting post! Happy Mothering Sunday to you (a little late, but with just as many sentiments).

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

I enjoyed learning about your Mothering Sunday!! How nice!! This is one of the things that I so love about blogging!! We are still on our way home. We are camped tonight here in Tennessee!! We had to stop early in our motor home because of the wind. It is very gusty and was blowing us all over the road. We are hoping to get home tomorrow. If my hubby has anything to do with it it will be tomorrow. Sandy

Jacran Cottage said...

After being in Canada for over 30 years, I always forget Mother's Day in England. Mum says she walks around all day thinking "I'm a mother too you know!" Then when it's Mother's Day here in Canada and I send her something, she feels like the only Mum in the world! She might not be the only Mum in the world, but she is the best!! (sorry to all other Mums reading this!).

Maggie Ann said...

Marion,I enjoyed reading your post. 'Mother' what a beautiful word to describe someone.

Kerri said...

A very happy Mothering Sunday to you Marion (a little late). I always enjoy learning a bit of history. Thank you! In our church the children are given a long-stemmed rose to hand their moms. Actually, it's not just the children. Husbands, nieces, nephews...just so that every mom gets a rose. It's a nice tradition.

Anita said...

Good moring Marion,

Just a few lines before I am heading to work. I hope you are doing fine! I am so glad you like my little plant makers, did you fnd a white plaint marker to write on them?

While I am writing these lines, it's snowing outside!

Happy first day of spring, nevertheless!

All my best wishes from Germany!

P.S.: A longer mail will follow soon, I have been quite busy these past days....

Alice said...

Thank you for the explanation of Mothering Sunday, Marion. Although I knew of this particular day, I wasn't aware of its history.

I hope you had a lovely day. I'm sure your children made sure that you knew just how loved you are.

Lee-ann said...

Marion while I just loved the "Mothering day" History and thank you I did not know that. I also felt somewhat saddened to think that a young girl in service could only visit with her mother on one day of the year.

However I hope "your Mothers day" was filled with joy. Our mothers day is in May here in Australia.

So nice to visit with you again now I am going to read your tagged five reasons why you blog <^..^>

Enjoy your spring day.