Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Dear friends, I must thank you for all the cards and get well wishes you sent me. Its been a great comfort to know I have been in so many of your prayers and positive thoughts. Thank the Lord all went well and I am on the road to recovery, just a few more weeks of taking life at a slower pace and I should soon be back to enjoying my garden and walks in the countryside and on the beach.

The weather has been glorious for about a month now. March went ‘out like a lamb’ and April was born on the gentle breeze of warm sunny days and clear blue skies.

There are many signs in the countryside that tell me spring is here, the hawthorn hedges turning green, white frothy blossom on the blackthorn, birds preparing their mossy nests, clumps of shy little violets tucked in the hedgerow, carpets of bluebells on a woodland floor, and I saw this morning that the swallows have already arrived, now I anticipate the long awaited call of the cuckoo to complete the sweet symphony of spring.

I took a few pictures around my garden at the weekend and I’m pleased to include the start of my collection of rusty decorations. I love them!

I was delighted to discover at the weekend that our tiny little garden centre has started to sell David Austin roses. I had a gift voucher that I was eager to spend, so what better than a D A rose. Its always difficult to make a choice, but I thought ‘Spirit of Freedom’ a good and appropriate choice for me on this occasion.

I also include a couple of picture of our new allotment which is located just a short walk away from our home. Already potatoes are through and have been earthed-up, shallots planted and broad beans too.
If you click on pictures it will enlarge them.


Carol said...

Oh dear Marion how great to see you back! :D Welcome home!
Thanks so much to your John for the update about you which he emailed me! I'm so glad to read that you're on the mend! And what gorgeous pictures of the garden you've posted today! I love your 2 new rusty iron bird ornaments and the the red and green glass ball ornaments too! Congrats on finally getting some of these! :) And that David Austin rose is so appropriate for you and so beautiful! Pink and filled like my favorites roses have to be! There is nothing better than warm garden days for your health I think! Hugs to you! Carol xox

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

It looks so beautiful there. Here in the Midwest of the USA, our Spring had "sprung" and then Winter returned for a couple of weeks. It is finally beginning to get warm again.

My thoughts and prayers are with you as you continue to heal. Take it slow. :)

Hillside Garden said...

Hi Marion, welcome back home! :-))

You have the onions in small potts? Are they for the boarders?


Betty said...

Dear Marion, I am so pleased to be the first to welcome you back to blogland. You have been missed sorely in your absence....I've had many comments left on my blog concerning you and your well being....
Although I had seen the vegetable plants doing so well, I really like your garden accessories and have some very similar, although I'm not surprised......The pictures of the beautiful flowers certainly is eye candy...

So great to have you back..Betty

Betty said...

Well, first off, let me apologize to the three previous commenters. On my comment block, it said 0 comments when I left mine, so I assumed mine was the first.....

Do thank Christopher for the technical support. Bless him and Amy for being our backup help!

Hope your day is going well..Betty

Joanne said...

Dear Marion,

I'm glad that all is well with you! Take care!

Lis said...

Welcome home dear Marion!

It must be lovely to have so much spring allredy, I like rusty things too.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

How good to see you back and well Marion! Your pictures are beautiful! And I can almost smell those roses.


Anonymous said...

Dear Marion,
You just look lovely. Glad everything is on schedule and you are feeling better.
Take good care of yourslef and take it slow.

Missed you.
So glad you are back.

Lee-ann said...

Marion I arrive at your blog to see what life’s ventures you have been partaking in only to see you have been is hospital, I do hope the road to recovery is swift for you as your garden I am sure beckons you to sit and enjoy for awhile.

May I send you my good wishes and can I just add my daughter filled her front yard this year with D.A Roses and I am so sure "spirit of freedom" was one. It is a tight open soft pink rose and cut they live for the longest time inside to enjoy day and night.

I do very much send you my good wishes.

Jacran Cottage said...

So glad to see you back and on the mend. I love the description of the countryside springing to life! "Carpets of bluebells on a woodland floor" ... reminds me of many times playing in the woods as a child! Lovely pictures of your garden. Take care of yourself.

All the best,

Alice said...

Dear Marion - it's so wonderful to read that you are on the road to recovery again and looking forward to spending the next few months in your lovely garden. I'm so happy that the operation went well (Thank you, John, for the email.)

What a delightful time of year to be getting your health and strength back - Spring is ready to welcome you.

Thank you for the photos of all the delights of your garden, especially your new ornaments.

Do take good care of yourself, and enjoy every day to the full.

Much love -

Rosa said...

I have been away for a while but I am glad to see that you are mending. Sorry that you had to have more yucky stuff done. Hope this is done for you. Your flowers and your garden is absolutely lovely, as usual.

Kerri said...

How lovely to have you back Marion. You've been missed! It was such a treat to read your lovely, descriptive thoughts and see the beautiful pictures of your gardens and pretty ornaments. I especially love the delicate pink rose (is it a rose? I can't see any thorns). Lucky you to have another D.A. rose! It's beautiful and so aptly named :)
I like the way the allotment is laid out. Looks like you'll have plenty of lovely, fresh veges.
I pray your strength and enthusiam will return quickly. Enjoy the beautiful spring weather. We're finally getting some too. Joy, oh joy! I'm going out to work in the garden now.
Much love,
Kerri xox

HORIZON said...

Fantastic to see you back blogging Marion. l have been away for a few weeks but you have been in my prayers. Poor Betty has been beside herself without you ;) It is nice to think that your getting better pulls in with this spring- a time of renewal for both!
l love all the pictures of your spring garden and can imagine what the allotment will look like towards the end of summer! The Aubretia cascading over the stone-they always grow so well there- one of my favourites.
Much love Lady Marion and glad to have you back.

Susie said...

Welcome back to the world of blogging Marion! So glad you're on the mend and can enjoy your lovely garden in the springtime!!