Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Yes, I'm sorry to say that my postings have not been as frequent as I’d have liked them to be recently. But I have to admit, what with work on the house still in progress and the glorious weather, I have succumbed to the call of my garden and I’m loving it.

The perfume that fills the air is quite heady right now, rose scents mingle with carnations, pinks and stocks, its simply delicious, if only it could be bottled, it would out sell the most expensive of perfumes I’m sure.

Of all the flowers, I do love my roses and I grow them for their beauty and their fragrance and not least, because they were my father’s favourite, it was through his interest in growing them, I first came to love them too. Today I have selected a few that are looking particularly good right now.

I’m also including a little verse written by Patricia Short that I came upon the other day which I think is quite fitting.


June and July, I’m sure everyone knows
Are the heady months of the English rose.
Stately standards and hybrid teas,
Albertine rambling beneath the trees,
The pure white of Iceberg and gay Masquerade,
And sweet smelling bowers the ramblers have made.
The delicate scent of Super Star,
Colour and perfume wherever you are.
Bronze coloured beauties like burnished metal,
A dewdrop balanced on every petal.
Soft hued Peace and Golden Showers,
Summer’s abundance of all her flowers.
But the one I think should be England’s pride
Grows in the hedgerow far and wide,
Rambling and scrambling as it grows,
The wild ‘unofficial’ English rose.


Carol said...

That poem is enchanting Marion! And your roses are really stunning! Do you know their names? I always like to know them. My faves are pictures 2, 4, 7, 8, 11 and 10. The smell of all your roses must be wonderful at the moment! Enjoy it as much as you can! Hugs Carol xox

Marie said...

Hello Marion,

Thank you for visiting my blog and website. Your post is very appropriate for my rose products and I love the poem.

Did you know that it takes 30,000 Kg of rose petals to make 1 Kg of oil? This gives one an appreciation of why rose oil is so expensive.


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

boy Marion, you have some beautiful roses there!! Thanks for sharing them with us!! Also thanks for stopping by to read about my family here in the states. We had such a grand time. I hated that it had to end so fast!! I have tons of pictures to remember it all by!!
Take care. Sandy (Enjoy the outdoors)

Betty said...

Good morning Marion,

I think you are living in a little bit of heaven on earth amongst your beautiful all the other flowering plants you mentioned....Thank you for the visit and comments......God Bless...Betty

Anita said...

Your roses are gorgeous, Marion! Is the new David Austin rose you told me about the other day amoung the pictures, too?

Oh Marion, I could hardly believe my eyes this afternoon when I was looking at my brand new two New Dawn roses: They have their first BIG buds and I guess it won't take long and I will be able to admire the VERY FIRST roses in bloom in my garden (apart from the wild ones). Oh, I am SOOOOOO excited....

All my best wishes (and don't worry about any delay in e-mailing me.... )

Yours, Anita

Susie said...

With gorgeous flowers like these, I'd be spending as much time as possible outdoors as well!
I bet the fragrance is delicious!!

Connie said...

Those roses are beauties for sure. Know wonder you don't want to come in and get on the computer. Enjoy yourself.


Kerri said...

Our weather has been too nice to waste by being indoors too, and consequently I haven't spent much time at the computer lately either.
I'm glad you're enjoying your gardens.
The roses are glorious Marion! You certainly have a wonderful variety. I can just imagine the delicious perfumes. Wish I could go for a stroll through your gardens with you...and then sit in your pretty garden house for a cuppa :) Sounds like you're feeling well, which makes me very happy.

mrspao said...

Your roses are so beautiful! I don't blame you for spending lots of time out in the garden!

Barbara said...

I love the pictures of your roses (as I love roses very much too, they are the protagonists in my garden) and the striking poem of Patricia Short.
I'll come back to your blog (and garden!) again.
Greetings from Switzerland.

Lis said...

Your roses are beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us.

Linda aka yellowroseli said...

Your roses are wonderful. Send me some lol. You have a green thumb for sure. I would love to have a garden like that to sit in.
Love the poem

Linda aka yellowroseli said...

Your roses are beautiful. I know the fragrances must be heavenly. Love the poem you added.