Tuesday, July 03, 2007


It’s rained for days on end, I’ve been suffering bad pains in my neck, shoulders and back and my computer has been on the blink, being more often ‘off’ than ‘on’.

So what does a girl do to cheer herself up? There’s been no chance of gardening or taking photographs, so I’ve been looking back on a few of my latest pictures, taken on sunnier days!

I have this glorious golden hop growing around the summer house pergola. It has formed the most perfect ‘green window’ and when I’m sitting up there in my comfy chair, I get a glorious green glimpse of the garden on the top lawn. (A slight alliteration of ‘g’s there I think!

Whilst we are taking a glimpse around the garden, I’d also like to show you the most recent gift to my garden. This beautiful bench, has been aptly named ‘grandma’s bench’ and I was so looking forward to spending an hour or so, sitting in the warm afternoon sun, reading a good book. I’m still waiting......


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

That bench is gorgeous!! We would just "sweat to death" here if we tried sitting outside on it!! It is always pretty here but the sun is so hot!! Plus we have very bad bugs!! I know just not the best of situations for sitting outside here!! I can get by with sitting on our porch because it is up high!!
We have had a lot of rain too but then again we need it. It will make things so beautiful when it is done. Sandy

Barbara said...

What a perfect garden-window you have, this lovely golden hop!! And your grandma's bench is just inviting to sit down and relax. I'm sure you'll be able to do this in a few days. It cannot rain all the time....this is what I'm wishing at least, as we also have rather cool and very rainy weather now.
Nevertheless, have a good time!

MariaJ said...

Marion, travel to Finland cause youll find summer here!
WOW! Your climber is so so beautiful! Hope the weather turns there quickly. Hugs M

Anita said...

Oh Marion, this lovly garden bench is a new arrival at your great garden? Oh lucky girl! I'd love to sit over there with you, too, having a chat on gardening and drinking a cup of tea....

I hope your neck, shoulders and back are doing better soon, get well very soon!

And by the way, the sun is currently vacationing in Finland at our friend Maria - hope she will send out some sunshine to the UK and Germany soon! (I am sure she will!)

Best wishes in Germany,

Alice said...

Sorry you're having so much rain in your summer. Guess what, we're having rain too. Some places are having too much, and other places still not enough - but that's Australia for you.

We're actually having a winter for the first time for years - the type of winter we remember from childhood, when it actually rained and we had windy days as well. Loving it - especially with my warm house. Oh, I'm still luxuriating in the comfort of it.

Your Golden Hops is fantastic and makes beautiful 'curtain' for your window. I hope you will soon have perfect weather to relax and enjoy your new bench, Marion.

Is it the rain that's making your shoulders ache? I hope it eases soon, and also that your computer behaves itself like a good computer should.

Connie said...

I am so sorry you are not feeling well. That rain can really bring on aches and pains. I have the same problem when the weather is damp outside.

It is very hot and humid in Missouri. The humidity almost takes your breath away. Hard to enjoy the summer except in a pool of very cold water.

Hope your sunny days return soon.


Kathleen Marie said...

Love the photos...It has been so long since I have visited. It seems it has been raining all over the world for the most part. We have had a lot up here as well.

It always makes me wonder what God is doing in the spiritual realm when the weather is so off kilter to my peon of a mind.


Kerri said...

Your hop vine is so green and lush looking Marion. What a wonderful bench to enjoy the garden from on a sunny day.
I hope the sun has returned by now, that your pain has gone away, and your computer is functioning the way it should.
We've had showers again this afternoon and a cold wind blowing, which is why I'm finding time to visit!
My 4 O'clocks are looking very healthy.Can't wait for the blooms!

Lis said...

These are lovely photographs and your bench is so beatutiful.
We have a lot of rain too, no summer!

Susie said...

Sending you some sunshiney wishes so that you can sit outside and enjoy your lovely bench!
Hope you feel better soon.

Barbara said...

Sorry about your computer but did enjoy the photos you just posted.
How awful is this weather we are having. Come see my wrecked garden afte yesterdays storm.
Sorry about your neck etc. Is it through sitting at the computer.I am having neck problems and I know the culprit is blogging at the computer. Get well soon.

Michael Manning said...

I too enjoyed your photos!

indicaspecies said...

Beautiful blog with pretty pictures. I love the shade of green of the pictures particularly in this post. Pleasure being here :)

Betty said...


Hope your computer problems are straightened out.....I selected you for a Reflection Blogger Award.....the details are on my Saturday blog....Blessings, Betty


Hello, I love your garden. I love green things in a garden and I love the bench. I have enjoyed my visit. connie from Texas

Hillside Garden said...

Huhu, it is very hot in Germany and in Wales? I can not sit outside, so I sit here!


Michael Manning said...

Beautiful! I have never seen any foliage like this!

Carol said...

Hello dear Marion!

Long time no see! I hope that you're feeling better by now! Oh well I know this summer hasn't been good so far, especially not in Great Britain. The poor flooded people! Let's just hope that the month of August will make up for it with warm ans sunny days! I love your green hops window and your bench is so fabulous, that I wanna be a Grandam to get it too!
Warmest wishes from Germany sends you Carol xox
P.S. How was Christophers Africa journey?