Thursday, August 30, 2007


Well, as this month quickly draws to a close I feel I must shake myself and do a little posting. I do thank the loyal people who haven’t given upon me and have continued to checked out my blog. Give me time and I will get around to you all.

August has been a very busy month, as for many I’m sure. Busy, but very enjoyable! We have had friends and family staying and it has been a joy to spend time with loved ones.

Unfortunately after guests departed, I came down with a touch of pleurisy again. This first became a problem after the trauma of my surgery last year and it looks as if it has left a weak spot for me now.

Well, enough of that! I’m beginning to feel better and I must get on with lots of catching up in every aspect of my life, I have already started to compile a list of ‘Things to do’ and it seems to be getting longer by the minute.

As you can imagine, the garden has suffered a month of neglect and with all the rain of late, there has been a tremendous spurt of growth with everything, most of all with the weeds. However, I’m pleased to say that the first year of our veggie patch has been very productive and has provided a plentiful supply of fresh, organic produce. The pictures I’m showing were taken earlier in the season when all was looking lovely, now, I’m ashamed to say, it is in desperate need of a attention. There I go! that’s something else I must add to my list!

Last week I was jam making, not exactly planned, but some kind person had left a bag of damsons on my doorstep. I was so thrilled, damson jam has always been my very favourite, on toast, on buttered home made bread or scones, its simply delicious! Damsons are harder to come by these days. I remember well the hedge that surrounded my parents cottage had several damson trees growing there and in our younger days it was always great fun for my brother and I to climb up to pick the ones furthest out of reach. There are just a few damson trees in cottage gardens in the village now, and my love of this fruit is well known, so I must track down the kind person who left me this precious bag.

Whilst out and about, I have been taking pictures during the month and I will be posting them in due course, so, dear friends, do keep in touch please.


HORIZON said...

Damson jam- hubby and l love it too!!! What a lovely surprise to find on your doorstep ;)
l have been thinking of you Marion and hoping you were ok- sorry to hear about you being so unwell. l think it's the stabbing pains with pleurisy around the lungs- am l right? Anyway so sorry to hear about that.
As for the weather and weeds- same here- l have done non-stop pulling out of weeds lately- l will not tell you how much! Anyway- wish we lived closer because l'd give you a hand.
The weather is changing now- just a bit more nippy in the evenings. l close the windows that bit earlier.
hugs and bests

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

I thought that I loved every fruit that there was but now I find there is a new one...I have never heard of a damson before!! wOW!! I would love to see what this one is it sweet of sour? I will have to look this one up.
We are fine have had a pretty good summer..2 deaths so not the best. I have been very tired so they are working on WHY? I have a part time job now but still trying to keep up.
So good to see you posting again. Missed you..

Betty said...

Dear Friend Marion,
I am so happy to see your post this morning.....I've missed you.....

I'm glad you posted the damson are they more in the berry family? The jars look so festive....I know it's delicious....Betty

Thanks for the visit......

Barbara said...

I hope you will soon recover and be fine again. All the best wishes! Yesterday I was in a damson tree, harvesting the sweet fruits. Today we have had a damson pie and the rest I'll freeze for winter. This year seems to be a damson year, unfortunately my tree doesn't have a lot of fruits, but all the farmers here are very happy! Your veg garden looks very lovely, mine is also full of weeds.
Have a good time!

Alice said...

Your vegie garden looks so good that it's a real shame to disturb the rows. I think you'll just have to start buying from the shop again

Sorry you've been unwell again but glad you're on the mend.

Kerri said...

Hello dear Marion! It's so good to see you posting. I'm glad you had a lovely time with your friends and family.
The veggie garden is so beautifully laid out. Ours started off nice and neat, but is full of weeds now I'm sorry to say. Hard to keep up with them, isn't it? Perhaps we give ourselves too much to do :)
Are the damsons a type of plum? That's what sprung to mind when you mentioned them. The jam jars look so pretty with their gingham tops :)
I just discovered an elderberry bush loaded with ripe berries out in our barnyard. I love to make elderberry/apple jelly. I'll have to cut them tomorrow to beat the birds!
So sorry you've been unwell again, but glad you're beginning to feel better. I hope that continues!
Like Horizon our evenings are becoming a bit nippy and I'm having to close the windows sometimes. Love to sleep with them open and am sad when I have to close them. Take care dear friend. xoxo

Cindy Swanson said...

This is my first visit to your blog, and I LOVE it...I immediately added it to my bloglines. I am a confirmed Anglophile who has always wanted to visit England, Ireland and Scotland...and now Wales has been added to the list!

I actually attended a British school when I was a little girl, but it was in Beirut, Lebanon.

Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures.

Barbara said...

Hi! Marion
Glad you ae back again. Sorry to hear about the Pleurisy but glad you are somewhat better.
Thanks for visiting me again.
There is a real feeling of Autumn now early in the morning.
I love the stillness of the air on an autumn afternoon.
We are off to the Cotswolds on Friday so will think of you.

primrozie said...

Hi Marion...sorry to hear you were ill again. It can be stressful with house guests.

Your garden is looking great as usual. Do you still have the allotment?