Monday, November 26, 2007


A comment left by my blogging friend Kerri (Colours of the Garden) asking if the vase of roses pictured in my last posting were from my garden, prompted me to take a closer look for what else was still looking good out there. Yes, Kerri, despite a few recent frosts, the roses were indeed freshly picked last week. There are just a few left now, but sadly, with each day their beauty fades.

However, my biggest surprise was finding a few raspberries, the birds had attacked most of them, but then I found this little beauty, just waiting for me.

The bed of penstemons continues to be a joyous array of colour. These I grew from seeds and were planted out quite late. They will survive the winter, and will be transplanted to other borders in spring.

The pampass grass is looking rather splendid right now too. I’m amazed that it has recovered so well after the severe chopping back John gave it last year.... they need such a lot of space and can very quickly get out of hand. It was planted on the bank to hind the oil tank and has certainly proved to be a very effective screen.

My beautiful pyracantha enjoys a sunny spot at the front of the house and provides food a plenty for the birds during the winter months. However, I think they must be getting too well fed from the bird feeders, for although this picture was taken at the beginning of the month, it still looks just as laden with berries.

Lastly, my hydrangeas. Well, what an excellent shrub to have in the garden as the flowers can give pleasure throughout the year, I tie mine up into bunches and hang them from the beams in the kitchen, but with a little creative thought, there are many ways they can decorate your home.

How is your garden looking during these dull days of November.....

But before I finish off this post, a note for my dear friend Betty..... What a lovely surprise to receive a telephone call from you on Thanksgiving Day. It was wonderful to chat with you and Edward. Yes, dear friend, we have a lot to be thankful for.


Susie said...

Your garden is full of beautiful colors Marion! Those hydrangeas would be beautiful dried for bouquets through the winter! Fresh raspberries sound yummy!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Nice to hear from you again!! I always like seeing your pictures!! We had 81 degree weather today here in Georgia on Nov. 26th...this is supposed to be winter!! smile..Hope all is good with you and John.


Mountain Mama said...

Your flowers are so lovely!! Mine are totally gone now. The winds and freezing temps have destroyed them. I live in northwest Washington state, USA.
I am already looking forward to next spring's show of daffodil's and tulips. I do have a terrible problem with deer eating most of my flowers so have to put blood meal out frequently to save at least some of them.
Your hydrangea is different than mine which is several shades of blue, lavender and pink.
I have some everbearing raspberries but they didn't produce well this fall. Thankfully I picked and froze a lot from what they gave this summer.
Have a great week.

Kerri said...

You're a lucky lady to still have so many beautiful colours in your garden. The hydrangeas are gorgeous shades and will make such pretty decorations in the house.
I must try growing Penstemons. Yours are beautiful! Those birds better get busy. I would be a shame to waste all those lovely berries.
That's a lovely big clump of grass.
I hope you enjoyed that delicious rasberry :)
It's pouring rain here tonight.

Hillside Garden said...

Hi Marion, lovely photos from your garden, I like most the hydrangeas.


Wild Rose said...

Hi Marion,

Your garden looks great! How wonderful to have such colours and beauty so late in the year.

We had the first snowfall last week ~ not much in the city, but it is a different story a few miles north. When it thawed, all the leaves are still on the ground and a few remain on the trees. The grass is still green but most flowers are finished now and soon everything will be dormant until spring (usually late April/early May).

Marie x

LAUREN at Faith Fuel- said...

I've happily nominated you for a blogging AWARD! Stop by my blog, Faith Fuel, to get the details.

Betty said...

Dear Friend Marion,

How beautiful the flowers and how sweet and thoughtful the lady who grows them.....I imagine the birds are passing around your address to each other to come enjoy the bountiful food.

Each phone call I've received from you blessed my heart so...I wanted to return the favor....Edward enjoys the calls as well.

So looking forward to next spring and summer!

Willow said...

I do love hydrangeas! Yours have an assortment of wonderful colors. If we squint a little we can pretend they are Christmas colors to grace our Christmas table.

Maggie said...

Gosh, your hydrangea flowers are lovely. Such lovely pale colours, will you be drying them?

Thanks for visiting my blog, I had intended to get back in touch, but my computer died last week and I've only just managed to replace it. Embarrassingly I forgot my PIN number, so in the end husband had to pay on his credit card!

I know some of the country near where you live. My Grandfather and then my Uncle had a bakers shop in Dolgellau, and my Aunt lives just outside Barmouth.

When I was little we holidayed twice a year with my Grandparents in Dolgellau. From age 7 Mum would put me on the train at Paddington and ask the Guard to keep an eye on me. Imagine doing that with a 7 year old now!

I envy you living in such a glorious place. :-)

Best wishes from Liverpool

Barbara said...

It was nice to see what is still blooming in your garden at this time of the year. I love hydrangeas too and dry them for decoration....I even use them for Christmas decoration. They match so well with silver or gold...