Monday, April 28, 2008


It rained, steadily and quietly, the type of rain that gives a good soaking to the ground, it was warm too, which was quite a change from the recent bitterly cold, easterly winds that have blown our way.

By mid afternoon, the sun came out and immediately called me into the garden. I had seedlings to transplant and even more to sow...... but its a job I enjoy.... quiet and contemplative, birdsong filled the air and also that of the river running by.... so no distractions... allowing my thoughts to wander where they may.

The greenhouse is looking very productive, so too, the veggie plot, I should have taken pictures. However, I did take a few last weekend when we stopped by at a pretty resort that is a short drive from our village. In season it is a popular place for the yachting and boating enthusiast, but right now is a quieter time.

Click on the pictures for more detail......

The garden is looking fresh and colourful after the rain

Boats on their dry land winter mooring, don't they look colourful with the spring flowers in the foreground.

Looking at the pictures, all appears lovely and calm, not so, it was a dreadfully windy weekend. I took shelter at the side of the yacht club for this one to be taken..... Hmmm... as you can see, it was a bad hair day!

Signs of fishermen at work.....

Scenes of this charming little harbour with the majestic church of St. Peters taking centre stage.

Hope you are all enjoying sunny days.....


Barbara said...

How nice your garden looks Marion.

We had sun and in the low 70's Saturday and I was straight into the garden work but it's back to rain again this week.

Sara said...

Greetings Marion. Your garden certainly does look fresh and green, and clean from the rain.

That is such a pretty little town you photographed; how I'd love to live in one of those homes on the hillside with a view out over the water! Dreamy!

I fear we may be in for a very hot summer here near Los Angeles; we've had 90 plus degrees for two or three days in a row and it is only April!


Flip Flop Floozie said...

Hello Marion!! How are things with you!!?? Nice pictures as always...Good that you had some warmer weather. We have had warm weather for some time now. You will see that when you come I am sure!! I am so hoping that I get to meet you and John too.
Take care and looking forward to meeting you.

Elizabeth said...

I always love my visits to Wales.
What fun to have a garden to work in.
The beach looks inviting too.
All best wishes.

Wild Rose said...

Hi Marion

Oh how I miss the sea! Soon the fishermen will be setting those lobster pots and the season will really begin.

Your garden is lovely ~ what a wonderful place to spend your time.

After a month of feeling awful, I am finally starting to recover and get back to blogging. Sorry that it has taken so long to visit you.

Marie x

Betty said...

Dear Friend Marion,
What a pleasure to drop in and find such wonderful pictures of your garden....there are those great chimney pots again.....thanks for the green house pictures....I need to make some of my sprouted seed from you....

The pictures of St Peter's and the homes are so picturesque.

I've been outside most of the day....have important company coming to visit....Love, Betty

Mmm said...

That is so beautiful--I want to go there. I Looooove Wales. To me, it's the most beautiful place on Earth.

Glad I popped by.


Barbara said...

I love these soft and gentle, warm rains in England. It is sometimes like a fine shower. Here rain is quite different I think, and we had a lot of it the last weeks. Luckily weather has changed and we have the opportunity to be more often in the garden. It is necessary, as weed grows faster than everything else...
Have a good time, Marion!

Willow said...

I so enjoyed my visit with you to the village. Thanks for sharing the photos of the yacht club. Any picture with the ocean in it makes me happy!

I had to enlarge that photo of you and take a good look at the knitted sweater. Very nice!

Happy May Day!

Tyra in Vaxholm said...

Hello Marion thank you for stoping by and leave lovely comments as usual, it is always so very nice to hear from you.
As always when I visit your blog I wish I could be there, lovely post Marion and that photo with the "boat parade" and the pretty flowers, great shot.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

How lovely your garden looks Marion. We had some rain last week too but the good kind combined with lots of sunshine.

Lovely pics of that gorgeous seaside resort.

Mountain Mama said...

Your garden is just lovely. You must put a lot of work into it.
I love the pictures of the fishing village too. I would love to visit such an interesting place.

Kerri said...

I'm picturing you pottering in your still-damp-from-the-rain garden, listening to the bird song and the babbling brook....It's a lovely picture Marion :)
I've been thinning seedlings, but not planting outside yet. Still too cold, and we can expect frosts well into May.
The resort is lovely with the gardens and colorful boats.
Looking at the photos of the little fishing village I imagine myself walking barefoot on the sand, and can almost smell the sea.
I hope you and John have an absolutely wonderful trip to the US and a special time of sharing friendship with Betty and Edward!

Something White said...

It's so nice to look at all your pictures. It's as if I'm on a virtual holiday here! Since we've 3 young children and I'm a stay-at-home-mum it isn't very easy to travel around the world; so I'm glad to meet the world through blogging. Have a nice day, Marjolijn