Monday, June 23, 2008


The joy I take from my garden is immeasurable. I always say its my second passion..... my husband John being the first!

One thing I noticed from the pictures I selected for this posting is the predominance of pinks and blues. I’m leaving my roses as the subject of a separate post.

Maybe you’d like to take a peek at some of the recent flowers in bloom.....

Forgive my indulgence in pictures of foxgloves for they have been quite spectacular this year... standing like sentinels above all other flowers. The ones that flower in my garden are mostly grown from seeds that I have gathered from the wild species. I do have a couple of the Excelsior hybrid that are a more whitish, yellowish pink with maroon spots inside each bell, unfortunately the pictures I took of them are quite blurred.

I do love Delphiniums, pity is the slugs do too.

Here this pretty Crane's-bill has grown tall into the John Claire rose bush. I love these two pinks together

The Rhododendrons have been breath taking this year with masses of flowers on each of the two bushes we have on the front bank.

Pinks and purples..... the borders are full of this colour

This wild rose climbs over the old wall by the front gate, John reminds me that it is getting too big for its position. I'm reluctant to cut it back, but I know someone who will be doing so as soon as flowering is finished.

Antirrhinums come in many lovely colours, but I love this pretty pink. As a child I always called them snapdragons and it seemed a very fitting name too.

The Golden Hop grows wildly over Grandma's bench. Its such a beautiful green, even on a dull day it looks like the sun shines on it.

'Plants in waiting'. I took this picture back in May, its a cool position alongside the drive and was a good spot to place them near the outside tap whilst we were away in US. It made it easier for the friend who was watering the garden to have as much assembled in the one place. They are now all planted up in hanging baskets and other containers.

Even the chives can be enjoyed two fold..... the pretty pink flowers and as a tasty ingredient to a salad.

An exception to the colour theme I know, but the Broom has put on quite a show, so had to be included....

Dear George, Well, he enjoys the garden too, particularly if he finds the door of the summer house open and a comfy chair at his disposal.

As a final note, I would like to thank all who responded to my last posting requesting thoughts and prayers for dear Edward's recovery. Betty updates with a progress report in her blog whenever times permits Country Charm.


Beth said...


I so enjoyed seeing your beautiful flowers. It has been so hot here, that many plants are suffering! I do hope you and John are well.


Flip Flop Floozie said...

George looks sleepy there as most cats are..Annie is asleep on our bed right now.
I saw your reflection in the windows in the picture of the foxgloves...nice to see you again!! Smile.


Mountain Mama said...

Your flowers are gorgeous!!
And the Golden Hop is so bright and lively looking. It makes me want to grow some too.
I have a lovely pink Lupine this year. I hope it is a perrenial or at least will re-seed true to color.

I went to check on Edward but she doesn't have a post up right now.
Thanks for a lovely walk in your garden. I truly enjoyed it!

Barbara said...

Beautiful Marion looking through your garden. Glad to see from Bettys blog that Edward could be home soon.

Betty said...

Sweet friend Marion,
Oh, I wish I could see those beautiful flowers.....and sit in the green chair.....

I had one lonely foxglove and while Edward was in the hospital it died from lack of water....well, maybe next year.....

Edward and I appreciate so very much your and John's thoughts and well as all the others from friends far and near....

We go back to the hospital early in the morning for blood to be drawn and to the surgeon tomorrow afternoon....Love, Betty

Barbara said...

It is so nice to visit your lovely garden again, full of flowers. Your rhododendron trees are amazing! I love foxgloves too, but wasn't so lucky this year. Only two little plants survived from seeds. I don't know why. Actually I have seeded new ones for next Spring!
Enjoy your garden!

Susie said...

Dear Marion,
I totally understand how a garden can be such a comfort and yours is truly one of beauty. George looks so much like Vincent doesn't he? Vincent is laying out in the garden as I type this. I can here a couple sassy blue jays taunting him.
I loved all your beautiful photos.

Kerri said...

I completely understand your indulgence of the foxgloves. I felt the same way about mine this year. Beautiful! My delphinium unfortunately faded away at the end of last summer. They seem to be short-lived for me (I see many bloggers saying the same thing).
It's so good to see all your blooms, and I'm happy that you're able to enjoy gardening again this summer. I'd like to sit a spell with George (and you!) in that lovely summer house dear Marion :)
I've so enjoyed catching up on your adventures, and thanks for dropping in to my blog. It was lovely to hear from you!