Tuesday, June 10, 2008


John and I were awake bright and early..... we greeted our first full day on American soil as it dawned under a crystal clear blue sky.... it was going to be a hot one too.

We reflected back over yesterday...... So much had happened, we’d travelled so far.... leaving behind our small village in the foothills of the Welsh mountains, journeying along the leafy, winding lanes of Wales, crossing the boarder into England, joining main roads and then on to motorways and finally at Manchester airport.... boarding a Delta aircraft that would fly us in excess of 4,000 miles to the different world we found ourselves in on this glorious morning. It was such a good feeling that was complimented by the amazing welcome we’d received.... we felt completely embraced into Betty’s family, totally and utterly embraced..... and we do so thank Mindy, Chip, Davis & Drew for the loving hospitality they showered upon us during our stay with them, it was to be our first encounter with the great hospitality we were to enjoy throughout our visit and which we cherish so graciously.

It was a leisurely start to the day, We sat around the table once more and enjoyed a delicious breakfast... American style of course! After which I had a lovely time just wandering around and admiring the beautiful and interesting features of Mindy & Chips home..... Each beautifully furnished room was decorated in such a stylish and creative way with many gorgeous artefacts. Going from room to room was almost like turning the pages of fabulously illustrated Homes & Gardens magazine..... a joy to behold.... Then, if that wasn’t enough to take in, I discovered a magnificent swimming pool on the terrace. Oh My!...... this was just the beginning of what was to be the most fabulous and incredible time with Betty & Edward, their family and friends.

Plans were made for the day..... We drove the short distance into a most charming and historic town..... Its elegant buildings, fabulous houses each with their exquisite front porch..... and all decked with a profusion of flowers, captured the essence of culture and gracious living. This is an area prolific in apple, pear, pecan & fig trees.

I had such a good time exploring the wonderful shops, so very different to the ones we have back home. In a way it was frustrating, as I saw so many things that I would have bought, had size and transportation not been a problem.

You may like to check out Betty’s Country Charm Blog and see her pictures and follow her interpretation of our visit too.

A beautiful potted hibiscus on the terrace of Mindy & Chip's home

Their gorgeous swimming pool

Betty by the pool.....

....and me too, pity we are too overdressed to take advantage of it.

In town we explored a number of interesting shops.... This one "In High Cotton' was simply packed with many lovely things....
What a joy to behold....

Towards lunch time we met up with two other lovely ladies..... Imogene..... is Mindy's mother in law and is sitting at the table next to Betty. Next to Imogene is Miss Mary Hayes and next to Miss Mary is Mindy and me.
Here we had a delicious lunch and I spent a great time getting acquainted with everyone.

Miss Mary Hayes kindly invited us to her lovely home in its beautiful setting amidst its gardens trees and lawns. Miss Mary is such an interesting person and has many stories to tell. I did so enjoy the tour she gave us of her home and seeing her collection of heirlooms and pictures, each one held a fascinating story. I would dearly loved to have taken pictures, but as it was our fist meeting I felt it an imposition on her privacy......

Betty & me on the terrace of Miss Mary's garden

A beautiful amaryllis growing in the garden
I've had to divide this posting into a second half as Blogger wouldn't permit me to add more pictures to the posting that follows.......


Betty said...

Dear Friend Marion,
What a tribute you've paid our family....it was our honor and privilege to have you as our guests...

Touring the gardens and shopping was a fun experience...and not a shoe bought that day, not a one!

Looking forward to the next installment.....Much love, Betty

Les Cotrions said...

Ciao Marion!Thank you for visiting my blog and web-shop! You have so beautiful pictures and garden! Excuse my bad English...as you know I'm Italian and we are famous for speaking foreign language badly! You have a lovely home and garden and the countryside...is fantastic! I hope to visit Wales in the future!
I'll visit your blog again!
Have a nice day!

Kerri said...

What lovely fun to read about your fantastic adventure and see some of your beautiful photos...treasured keepsakes for sure!
You certainly saw some wonderful gardens and met some very kind and hospitable people.
I'm looking forward to continuing the journey with you... :)
Thanks for sharing dear Marion.
Our heatwave broke today, thank heavens!! Thanks for your very welcome e-mail. I'll answer soon!

Hillside Garden said...

Hi Marion, nice to have you back and wonderful, that you had such a great holiday. I will think at Bettys husband.


Barbara said...

Glad to do the tour with you Marion. Bringsl back memories of my many visits to the South. I hope you did get a dip in the pool.