Thursday, February 26, 2009


As February quickly draws to a close I guess this looks like being my only post for the month so, the best way I can review it is by showing a few of the pictures I’ve taken.

The month began with severe weather warnings...... bitterly cold winds carrying heavy downfalls of snow from Siberia covered most of the UK. London was badly affected bringing road, rail and air traffic to a standstill. We were fortunate in our corner of Wales....... and the following snowy scenes show the worst it got for us..... just enough snow fell to give a pretty covering, still allowing what colour there is in the garden to show through..... however, the surrounding mountains looked like familiar winter wonderland scenes in Switzerland.

These pictures were taken on 2 February (Candlemas) and I am reminded of an old saying that goes..... "If Candlemas be fair and bright, winter will have another flight; but if Candlemas bring cloud and rain..... winter is gone and won't come again" Hmmmm!

The dredging of snow, looks like a frosting on cakes and outlines the attractive shape of leaves and branches so beautifully.

This picture of the garden was taken through an upstairs window......

The weeping Kilmarnock Willow has grown into such a tangle of branches, a good place for a bird to make a nest.

Here's George with his gorgeous thick winter coat, which is very much in need of a good brush, but grooming is something that George isn't fond of.

On my conservatory table sit two beautiful pots of flowers....... the hyacinths are filling the room with the most exquisite perfume and the cyclamen have been most generous with their floral display since well before Christmas.
February had its sunnier and milder days too..... I have shown this clump of daffodils in an earlier post, they have been flowering since the end of November.

Walking along the dyke..... John pauses to look at the waters running icy cold and deep.

It always intrigues me to observe what an amazing amount of plants sustain life in the cracks and crevices of old dry stone walls. Right now there is an abundance of Navelwort or Pennywort as it is often called.... it has a pretty round fleshy leaf with a stalk that is joined at the rear and a dimple in the centre of the front. It is said to take its one of its names from the size of a penny coin, however, when my children were small and taken on country walks we always referred to it as ‘babies tummies’ and I was pleased to discover we weren’t far off the mark either, for its botanical name is actually...... Umbilicus rupestris. I was interested to find a recent article about this little plant in my February ‘Country Living’ magazine it states that Navelwort was once used as a poultice for burns and not only that, its juicy leaves taste good in a salad too, with a flavour reminiscent to lamb’s lettuce...... I’d be interested to know if anyone has tried it. I shall be gathering a few leaves to try next time I’m out.

A lovely clump of 'babies tummies'

Just look at what grows in these old walls, isn't it amazing!.... if you click on the picture it will enlarge for more detail

These pictures were taken later in the month..... quite a contrast to the wintery scenes at the beginning of my post. With signs of spring all around and in the warmth of the February sun..... walking the lanes is such a joy now.

More and more lambs are to be seen in the fields and birdsong is a joy to behold as mornings and evenings are lengthening.
I think my final picture really celebrates the coming of spring. It was taken earlier this week..... Whilst out walking..... I was invited to look around a neighbour’s garden and by chance had my camera with me. Oh! and I spotted a bumble bee in my garden this week too.

Before I end my February post, I would like to tell you that a health issue has raised its ugly head and I would be so grateful if you would hold me in your prayers please.


Hillside Garden said...

Hi Marion! Your photographs are beautiful. Yes, ist is much more colder than the same time last year. We had a lot of snow.

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

What a lovely long post with many pics. You had a very light dusting with icing sugar I see, very different from that the rest of the UK got snowwise. ;-)

Your George looks simply adorable. Have you tried just giving him a few brush strokes and then reward him with some tasty litle titbit? My Maine Coon girls were not fond of me brushing their coats either but they tolerate it now.

I'll be thinking of you dear Marion and am sending you lots of healing thoughts.

Susie said...

Hi Marion,
I enjoyed seeing your wonderful photos!
My Vincent really doesn't like to be brushed either, but maybe I'll try Yolanda's tip and reward him.
Love the baby lambs too. So cute :)
I'll keep your health issues in my prayers dear Marion. Do let us know how you are..

Willow said...

All the photos are lovely as usual, Marion. I see the changes in just a month.

I'll be praying for you. Let us know how you are.

Sara said...

Greetings Marion....It's been a long time since I've visited, so I have been catching up on your posts.

I see you mention a Susan Hill book in a previous post...I have several of her books, but have not been able to find that one yet. Perhaps one day...

Such sweet little lambs in that photo here.

I am praying for the health issue you mention - blessings to you.


Val said...

Yes its been quite a month hasnt it? I am wondering whether the agapanthus and the fuschias will have survived the snow and the cold here.

All good wishes for your health, will be thinking of you.

Barbara said...

You indeed had a very varied month, full of surprises! And your "magic" daffodil could experience it all ;-) !
I wish you all the best for a good recovery. A lot of positive thoughts are coming to you, dear Marion!

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Marion, I loved the pictures as always...that is enough snow for me..i am not fond of it!!
I hope that you are feeling better..Keep me updated..Did you receive my birthday card? Sandy

Betty said...

Dear Friend Marion,
As we've been out of pocket for a few days I missed reading your blog on the 26th and just this morning have visited even though we've kept in touch....

Your pictures are worth a thousand words always...each one makes me want to behold them for myself...

You are constantly in our thoughts and especially in our petitions to our Heavenly Father...He is very familiar with you!

We love you....Betty and Edward

Kerri said...

Hello dear Marion,
Your dusting of snow certainly paints a pretty picture on the landscape and gives your garden a completely different look. I loved seeing it from the upstairs window, giving me a better idea of the layout.
I'm always amazed at what you can grow there.
Your cyclamen and hyacinth help to brighten up the house beautifully until your garden blooms again. Wonderful, aren't they? Did your clivia bloom again? Last summer a friend gave me one but it's not showing any sign of a bloom. Do you put yours outdoors during the summer?
Please give George a pat for me. Our Jasmine and Molly are touchy about grooming too, but they like to feel a comb on their back and sides. I suppose it's like having their backs scratched :)
It's so good to see your daffs and the lovely snowdrops. Ours are showing themselves and the snowdrops are budding, but it'll be a little while yet for the daffs.
We have very cold temps and wind this morning. Spring is definitely not in the air today!
I'm so sorry to hear of your health problems and will certainly pray that you'll overcome them soon and feel well again, just in time to get out into your beautiful garden.
Take care dear Marion. xox

Barbara said...

Marion, I am certainly thinkning of you and holding you in prayer.
I have tried to leave a comment on 2 occasions recently and it would not work.

Hope that today I am successful.

You certainly only had a light dusting of snow compared to here in the South East. I love the snowdrop pic. Blessings and prayers.

Mountain Mama said...

Hello Marion. I loved seeing your pictures. We had a bit of snow yesterday that looked similar to what you show in the picture. Not enough to actually cover things but a sprinkling. It snowed a bit this morning too but it's now sunny although it's only 40 degrees.
The lambs are so sweet looking. Of course I think most baby animals are cute.
I love hyacinths and have some growing in the gardens. I've never been able to do well with cyclamen though. Maybe my house is too warm for them.
The snowdrops and crocus are lovely. It looks like someone did a lot of digging to get them all planted.
I am praying for you Marion and hope you are soon well.
God bless!

Carol said...

Thank you for this beautiful February tour dear Marion!
I came over to wish you Happy Easter today!
I very much hope that your health issue is to be solved and I pray for you to be better soon and that you can enjoy the warm spring weather.
Sending you hugs and positive thought from Germany
xoxo Carola

The Liberty Belle said...

What nice photographs! Thank you for sharing. I especially like the nice fluffy cat!

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Where have you gone again? Just like me..I have been not doing my blogging like I should and going to get back to it..Hope all is well with you and John..Sandy