Monday, March 15, 2010


Mother’s Day, or as I prefer to call it ‘Mothering Sunday’ is celebrated in UK and Ireland on 4th Sunday of Lent, a day to honour Mothers and Motherhood. However, I think in most parts of Europe and US ‘Mother’s Day’ is observed in May.

For those unaccustomed to our Mothering Sunday tradition the following link may be of interest......

John and I celebrated Mothering Sunday in the traditional way and enjoyed a lovely service at our Church. It was good to see so many of the children participated in the service, reading passages from the Bible and paying tribute to their Mothers for all they do for them. The children carried baskets of posies, handing one to each member of the congregation. Our posies are shown in the picture above.

This picture was taken in our church last year when John and I, together with seven others were confirmed by the Bishop. A beautiful and memorable occasion

Our Mothering Sunday posies

George.... Whose bed are you sleeping in?

In recent days I finished embroidering this little cloth.... it is one that my Mother had begun years ago.

Days of glorious sunny weather tempted me into the garden. There is much work to do clearing away the winter debris that has collected in and around flower beds, collections of dead leaves had to be raked out and of course re-potting a number of congested tubs. This bamboo is a fine example of one that was completely pot bound... just a mass of roots that had grown round and round with hardly any soil left to sustain it.

George love days like this.... he is my constant companion when I'm in the garden.

Work continues on our sea defences, more huge boulders are being carried to our shores by road and ship.

As I walked along the promenade last week I found this interesting sight. You may recall a picture I included in a recent post dated 2 February showing how the force of the waves had eroded away the steps going down to the beach..... so I was surprised to see how this part of the beach recently excavated, shows how the steps have been protected over the years by deep sand... they look as good as new at this point.

Despite the wall to wall sunshine we've had in recent days.... it has been bitterly cold early morning. Our conservatory is north facing and first thing in the morning it feels like an ice box.
This has been a frequent temperature in there until the sun moves round......

.....but, quite a different reading when the thermometer is placed outside in a sunny spot.

Have a good weekend everyone and may the sun shine wherever your steps take you.


Bernie said...

I just loved your little posy ... that's a lovely idea. I do hope you had a wonderful day ... here in Australia we also celebrate Mother's Day in May.
I also love your blue and white tableware ... just gorgeous! So is George.
Embroidery is a dying art I think ... I don't know anyone who does that anymore. My mother and grandmother were brilliant at it ... but the skill was not passed onto me. Your placemat looks terrific.
Sounds like you're getting a few more sunny days now ... even if it's still rather cool, at least you can get out into your garden.

Kerri said...

Our children hand out a single red rose to all the mothers on our special day in May. Your little posy is so pretty with the beautiful blue and white china.
George is sweet boy :) I love to have my kitty companions keeping me company in the garden.
We've had glorious weather later and I've been out tidying and pruning. I'm also starting seeds indoors.
Isn't it wonderful to be gardening again? :)
I have an almost finished embroidered linen tablecloth in shades of blue that I need to dig out and finish off one of these days. Your little cloth is just beautiful. How lovely that your mother worked on it before you.
Happy spring, dear Marion!

Beth said...

Hello Marion, thank you for sharing about your Mothering Day and the posies are adorable. They look beautiful amongst your blue and white china. Love the cloth you embroidered - great job! And so good to see the progress and information on the sea defences - very interesting! Loved seeing a bit of the yard and looks like the weather is generally favorable. We had several warm days but got a little snow again last will not last long as it will be in the 50s again shortly. Have a wonderful weekend!

Sara said...

Marion, it is wonderful to see your posting more often these days. I always enjoy the glimpses you share with us of your life.

That cloth you embroidered is so pretty...I love the garden theme and all the colors. It reminds me of things I saw when I was a child...not much of that around these days, except in the charity shops.

What pretty posies the children made for everyone on Mothering Day. You are correct, ours is the second Sunday in May.

That George is a beautiful cat. With his beautiful ruff and fluffy tale, he could be related to my Miss Kitty, though they have very different coloring.

Barbara said...

The cloth that you finished is lovely. I wonder if my daughter will be finishing mine!!

You seem to be having better weather than us. After some sunny days it is dark annd dismal.

Remember your photo from confirmation last year.

Mountain Mama said...

Your Mothering Sunday is a beautiful tradition and the little bouquets are precious.
George looks so comfortable and kingly lying there as if he were on a throne. LOL
The piece you finished embroidering is so pretty. I love the picture of the flowers and cottage. How precious that you and your mom both worked this piece. It's a treasure.
It's very interesting that the steps at the beach were still in such good condition. It reminds me of the old cities that are uncovered.
Happy Spring to you Mary.

Betty said...

Dear friend Marion,

I've been remiss in visiting blogs for several days...with being away for a few days and life...

I think the posies were such a sweet gesture from the children...lovely to be remembered, isn't it?

We've had unusually cold temperatures this winter and the wind has been high continually...I yearn for sunny days!

George is a handsome feline...and I do believe he knows it!

I'm sure your Mum would be pleased that you finished something that she's beautiful.

Your confirmation picture is in our den and I glimpse it throughout the day...just wish you and John were here in person.

God bless...Betty

Alice said...

I think you were working on your Mother's cloth when we were there. I'm so pleased you have finished it; no doubt it will bring wonderful memories of your Mother whenever you use or see it.