Friday, December 24, 2010


I know its been a long time since I checked in....... in fact I've slipped out of blogging for so long that I've been finding it difficult to get started again. It saddens me when I realise that I have allowed six months to pass since my last post in June.

Actually, on checking back in my archives I see that it is exactly five years since I began writing 'Reflection Through The Seasons, the 21 December 2005 to be exact..... It's something that I have very much enjoyed over the years..... corresponding with the many friends I've made all over the world and so I've given myself a bit of a nudge to get back into the blogging scene again.

A note about Kenzo.... he has settled into life with us in Wales extremely well and it feels as if we've had him for ever. Early morning and late evening walks with him have been a joy during the summer and autumn..... however, recent weeks have been somewhat of a testing time for walking.... snowfalls have been very heavy, this has now developed into treacherous icy conditions underfoot with a bitterly cold wind blowing from the arctic.

But Kenzo loves the snow.....
(click on the pictures to enlarge for more detail if you wish )

He runs round and round the garden like crazy. One good thing
about the snow it keeps him clean..... unlike the usual muddy lanes in winter. The joys of having a white dog!
Heavy hangs the snowy sky...... an enchanted world has developed all around. Icicles hang from dripping trees and all imperfections are covered in a beautiful frozen landscape. Hardly a leaf or sprig of green remains on tree or bush and for a while our world is dressed in the purest virgin beauty.

It is Christmas Eve.... a busy day. Thankfully our local shops have re-stocked with deliveries today, shelves had become empty in recent days, even supplies of petrol ran out in local garages.... but all is restored to some degree of normality once more. After shopping this morning time has been spent in the kitchen, preparations for tomorrow when we will be joined by my brother Roger and his wife Uli. We attended the carol service early evening and now relax a while before we venture out in sub zero temperatures to attend Midnight Mass.

I wish you all a very happy Christmas as you gather in faith with family and friends.

Catch up again in the New Year.

Blessings - Marion


Beth said...

Marion, It's so great to hear from you again! Your yard looks beautiful in the snow, and Kenzo is just adorable! I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year.
Hugs, Beth

Beth said...

Merry Christmas, Marion! So good that you are blogging again. Have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed new year. Your yard looks lovely in the snow and Kenzo is adorable!
Hugs, Beth

Alice said...

Dear Marion and John - so lovely to see you posting again, Marion. Don't worry about your absence - we all go through that from time to time.

I'm happy you are well, even if rather chilled. Wonderful photos, but I think I'll make the most of our sunshine.

I hope you are having a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS and look forward to being in touch again soon.

Sara said...

Your snowy garden is certainly beautiful, Marion. And Kenzo in the snow...a Merry Christmas to you and your husband. It is always good to see you when you come back to your blog. I hope we will have the pleasure of seeing more glimpses of your world in 2011! Blessings to you for the New Year.

mrspao said...

Happy Christmas, Marion. Your garden looks beautiful in the snow and Kenzo is really handsome.

Have a wonderful Christmas and wishing you a very happy 2011.

Barbara said...

Good to see you back Marion. The snow looks beautiful but I know it brings a lot of difficulties too as it has here.

Hope you had a great Christmas and many blessings for this coming year. Missed yu.

Mountain Mama said...

I'm so glad you are back. I have missed you!!
I love your little Kenzo!! He is such a cute little fellow and I remember how hard it is to keep a white poodle clean. I used to have one we called Oliver. They are wonderful pets though and I didn't mind bathing mine at all except when he tried to shake the water off and got me all wet. LOL!
I Hope your Christmas was wonderful and wish you and yours a very happy new year.

Betty said...

Sweet friend Marion,
I'm behind on blog reading with so much going on...the snow pictures are lovely and Keno seems to be having a wonderful time romping in the snow!

Was wonderful to speak with you on Sunday...just made my day!

I pray that you, John and all the family will have a blessed 2011 health-wise and in every way.

Happy New Year, sweet friend...Betty

Kerri said...

How lovely it is to see you blogging, dear Marion, and to receive your comment on my post. Thanks for stopping by.
Like you, I haven't been posting much lately, but I hope to do better now that the holidays are past.
Your little Kenzo looks so cute playing in the snow, and your garden is truly a winter wonderland.
Our December was very snowy and cold but we were lucky to miss most of the snow that NY City had at Christmas. We only had a few inches but the wind was icy, straight from the Arctic.
I trust you and John had a lovely Christmas with Roger and Uli.
We always enjoy the Christmas Eve service at our church, especially the singing of Silent Night as we stand in a circle holding lighted candles in the darkened sanctuary.
Thanks for sharing the beauty that surrounds you, dear friend.