Thursday, March 10, 2011


February felt as if it slipped through my fingers, it had its highs as well as its lows! The lows were John being confined to bed with a fever and flu, I escaped the flu, but had a dreadful cold.

The highs.... an unexpected visit from our son Christopher. He'd driven over to see us from Switzerland. It was such a thrill to see him pull onto our drive in his cute sign written doggy transporter. Christopher & his wife Agata run Doggy Adventure Land and Dog Sitting Business near Zurich.
We had a lovely time together, lots of news to catch up with as we lingered over mealtimes, we went out sightseeing and took walks on the beach with Kenzo but there was one particular walk or more accurately a climb..... that this post is dedicated to.

Click on the pictures for more detail....

Christopher likes to climb this local landmark whenever he comes back to Wales and this visit was no exception. (the rock is the feature of my blog header picture). I would dearly have loved to join him, but with a bad cold settled on my chest, I knew I wouldn't have the stamina to do the climb.

He sets off on the zig zag paths of the lower slopes that lead up to the rockier terrane.

I choose to take the low road with Kenzo on the lead.... here we are making our way around to the western side of the rock.

Such beautiful colours on the hillside

I'm not sure who was the most interested.... Kenzo with the sheep or the sheep with us.

We've reached the west side of the rock now.... Christopher and I keep in touch by means of a two way radio.....

He's almost at the peek.... so I wait by the cattle pen to catch sight of him.

I needed binoculars to spot him and a zoom lens to take this picture.....

A few pictures that Chris took from the top.....

The views are fantastic..... This is looking out to the east towards the mountain of Cadair Idris. It is amazing to think at one time the sea came in this far and covered the valley floor.

This is an interesting one to click onto for more detail. Looking out to the west the sea is just visible on the horizon blending into the grey sky. My village can just be seen as it nestles into the hillside on the upper right of the picture.

Here am I, just visible in my blue jacket.... taking shelter from keen winds that blow......

It's time to make tracks down... this takes less time than the climb up.

I turn and walk back to where the van is parked.

We pass isolated farmsteads that are tucked comfortably into the hillside.

He's back after an invigorating adventure .

We drive over into the next valley and walk along the riverside..... the water looks an icy blue....

We are both feeling the cold now......
So a nice warm drink at the village Inn is most welcome.

And February ended on another high for me...... I celebrated a special birthday.
Blessings to everyone


Shanae Branham said...

Thank you for the hike. The view was fantastic. You live in a beautiful part of the world. I am glad your son got to come and visit. I am happy to be your newest follower.

Sara said...

Happy Birthday, Marion...

Thank you for this wonderful post. So much beauty...and I do love those high views that Christopher took! Amazing.

Blessings to you for March...spring is on the way.

Beth said...

Hi Marion! The countryside in Wales is so beautiful. The patchwork greens remind me of Ireland. So glad for your nice surprise and I hope both you and John are fully recovered now. Blessings to you, Beth

Mary said...

............oh yes, I'm 'visiting' Wales right now, at least by way of your beautiful images! So glad to meet you Marion and, from a quick peek as, I enjoy my morning coffee, I'm definitely coming back to see more of the stunning Welsh countryside. I'm always thrilled to learn more about people's lives in special places.....I can see your village, and the surrounding mountains, is one I'll enjoy reading about!

So you have connections to my home - do you travel to Devon? I have good friends in Prestatyn but I've never managed to visit Wales, which is quite shameful! Life is too busy. I'll be over in May but in the Lake District/Scotland for a week, then in Devon for the second week - again there won't be time to do other places. My hope is to come over for a month, and Wales will be at the top of the list!

Happy weekend - lets keep touch, I'll be anxious to see your lovely village in Spring.

Hugs - Mary

Shanae Branham said...

Thank you for stopping by. I love the way you said, "I believe if God brings you to it, He will see you through it." It is comforting to remember that.

Pearl said...

My goodness I am sure tired after that long Just gorgeous photos. Thank you for sharing.
Love your son's artwork on his van.
Glad you and your husband are feeling better.
Sending you hugs,

Alke said...

and again i loved walking with you through your most lovely and eytraoarinary homeland (or waht it is called.. osrry ia ma no native english speaker)
i love your countryside and i wish i will see it one day by real, i have been to britain.. but only in uk and and 2 shorttrips to scotland.. but unfortnunately.. never to wales.
it is nice, you spent this walk with your son.. i have 2 grown up children who both do not live near me.. so i can imagine, how great it is, to do things or walk with them.
lots of love from germany

Mountain Mama said...

Sorry I missed your birthday! It looks as though you had a very happy one. I'm glad for you.
Your hiking adventure is awesome. That is some mountain to be climbing. I couldn't have done that but wish I could.
Your pictures are just wonderful. I'm so glad you posted them. I do love the landscape.Your pictures of the river and lovely mossy trees are perfect for framing.
Thank you for sharing.

Kathy said...

Hello Marion,
Thank you for visiting my blog. What a small world. My husband is probably enjoying the meal at Blue Willow Inn at this very moment. Sigh, couldn't go. but...some day.
I have enjoyed reading your blog and am so happy to meet you!
Hope you have a Delightsome day,

Barbara said...

Always love clicking your pictures to full screen Marion. Can almost pretend I am there.
Glad you got to spend such a great time with your son and what a fun van.
Sorry John was so unwell though. Hope you are enjoying some nice spring weather as we are. Lots of gardening though.

Barbara said...

Forgot to say - now what was that special birthday. Are you telling or are we guessing?

Denise said...

A belated Happy Birthday. Looks like you had a wonderful time with your son. Sorry you both came down with the flu/cold. We're just trying to get over that ourselves so can sympathize.