Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Before we leave this season too far behind, I invite you to join me on a little tour of my garden on this sunny day....

Come up the steps and see the decking and balcony we built last year, it has been of great benefit and a joy to use... whether we are enjoying the morning sun with a cup of coffee or surveying the view across the village.

Having the French doors flung wide open has been like an added extension to my kitchen, particularly on a warm day like this... when a refreshing breeze gently wafts through.

Kenzo enjoys this new way in and out of doors too...

Although Privet is usually used as a hedging screen, we've allowed this one to grown into a tree. It is massive and in late spring/early summer it is always smothered in clusters of creamy flowers, their perfume fills the garden and the house with such an exquisite fragrance. I love it, but if my son Christopher is visiting who is an asthmatic, he is troubled greatly by the pollen.
Whenever possible we eat out of doors.....

......and our little summer house is still my favourite place for an afternoon snooze or a good book.

The veggie plot has been very prolific providing us with beans and peas by the bucket full.

Kenzo has really enjoyed the beans and peas being so accessible. I've never known a dog that could quite easily be a vegetarian. I'd often find him chomping on a stem of peas, he's even pulled up radishes and eaten them too.

Kenzo also adores apples, and that's a bit dangerous at the moment.... I have to gather wind falls up quickly... I'm afraid of him taking ones with wasps in.

Salad leaves have been plentiful this year too.... so handy to nip out and gather them fresh. One minute they are growing then, after a quick rinse they are on the plate.... can't get much fresher than that can you!

Our wood store is stacked ready for colder days when stoves will be burning. Such a satisfying feeling isn't it!

This is the end of the garden path, and just beyond here the bank falls down to the river. Listen, you can hear the river running by. Village children have great fun splashing and playing in the water.

This handy slate shelf was put in place to act as a potting bench, but is little used for that purpose. I like the look of the old terracotta pots stacked there, it's a garden decoration in itself don't you think!

Another garden decoration I'm delighted with....... earlier in the year I was given this lovely old stone fountain..... a wonderful surprise birthday gift from my brother....

However, one of my disappointments this summer was that not a single Agapanthus flowered not in border or pot, there's a clump of them in this stone urn.... all leaves but no flowers. Probably all it could muster after the very harsh winter.

A shady seat you may care to rest here a while.

I like the effect of grouping pots together don't you!...

The pots that hang in a row along the garden fence here have put on a pretty display.

This year I planted a few cultivated blackberries.... although we have many that grow wild in the hedgerows... these produce fruits that are much larger and so very sweet.

Lavender bushes have produced many flowers that I've gathered and dried.... they will be used in the making of
little gifts for church sales.

Several clumps of Monkshood - Aconitum have grown in the garden for a few years, they are so pretty and a gorgeous colour. But I recently discovered it was an extremely poisonous plant that can also cause an alergic reaction. I felt compelled to take it all out as Kenzo has such a fondness for eating what grows out here.

My love of David Austin roses is a joyful experience each year. Yes, their perfume is quite delicious.

Hollyhocks grow so tall against our sitting room window.... they can be enjoyed both outside and in.
The birds have a feast in store with so many berries on the cotoneaster
....and the day lily patch thrives so well under the apples trees.
.....and last but not least, admire
the magnificent flower of the Yucca, pure white and so majestic.
Now, shall we go and have a cup of tea....
I hope you've enjoyed walking with me around my garden,
have a great weekend everyone.
Blessings - Marion


Deanna said...

Beautiful! what a lovely, peaceful garden you have! I am looking forward to getting our property landscaped and filled with plants and flowers. Enjoy your garden!!!

Willow said...

Wow! You have a beautiful garden. If I were to visit you, I would not know where to look first and best! I, too, enjoy the look of clustered pots and of old terracottas gathered together.

Gillie said...

Thank you for the lovely walk around, may I come back? I don't live far, lol! And hugs on the loss of George.

Barbara said...

How strange Marion I was thinking about you and Betty this morning wondering how you both were.

Loved my tour of the garden with you and especially your little garden house where you can not only read but doze.

Betty said...

Precious Sister Marion,
I was just by a few days ago to see if there was a new posting. You must have posted soon thereafter.

As usual your garden is heaven on earth. Everything is so lush! Yes, the pots on the slate shelf is a still life picture. Grouped pots are so interesting.

Kenzo is adventureous, isn't he?
So pretty!

One day I hope to see this garden first hand! But until then, please keep those pictures coming.

God bless....Betty said...

Precious Sister Marion,
I was just by your blog a few days ago to see if you had posted but you must have posted shortly thereafter.

Your garden is beautiful as always...everything so lush!
Yes, the pots on the slate shelf is a still life picture! Grouped pots are so interesting!

Kenzo is very adventureous, isn't he? So pretty!

I hope one day to walk with you around your garden and the OPS, but until then keep the pictures coming, please.

God bless...Betty

Beth said...

Hi Marion, I so enjoyed this post. Love your summer house, your patio, your deck and of course the garden. I trust you and your family are doing well. Hugs to you and Kenzo, Beth

Mouse said...

Hi Marion :) found your blog through Gillie .. love your garden ... may be one day a real tour and kenzo is adorable ... love mouse xxxxx

Sara Lorayne said...

Hello Marion. I always look forward to your posts and you've certainly supplied me with lots of beauty to look at this time. I was quite surprised about the yucca though! We think of that as a desert plant here. Such a mass of blooms on it too. I enjoyed the look around your very fruitful garden and I love hearing about how other parts of the world are so in tune with the seasons...something we don't enjoy in quite such clearly defined ways here where I live. And now it's on to Autumn!

Mary said...

I'm trying again Marion, my comment wouldn't go through earlier!

Just wanted you to know that I think your garden is gorgeous and I'd love to be sitting on the deck, enjoying a cuppa in the Welsh sunshine, Kenzo playing at our feet, the Union Jack bunting (love it!) blowing in the breeze!

I know how much work goes into a lovely garden like yours!!!

Hugs - Mary

Bertie Bainbridge said...

Hello Marion! Thank you for getting in touch, I was fascinated to read your tales of living nearby to Hidcote! I am not a native but absolutely love living in Gloucestershire. If you are ever visiting the garden again do get in touch.