Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Eve

It`s much milder this morning and looking from the window I`m sorry to see that the snow is beginning to melt.

Christmas Eve has arrived and there is last minute shopping to do, so after a leisurely breakfast of delicious pastries and hot coffee we head for The Glatt Centre which is situated in a suberb of Zurich. This is a real treat for me in more ways than one, for living as we do in rural Wales, we haven`t the likes of such wonderful shops without driving many miles over the border into England.

As expected, the Glatt Centre is bustling with life. Christmas lights sparkle everywhere. I just love the displays of Christmas decorations in the stores and can`t resist buying a vintage girl & boy angel and a heart of roses .

We take the escalator to a lower floor to see the ice skaters. How lovely to observe the children, some, so confident, that they simply glide over the ice, but the cutest of them all are the little ones who need the support of stabalisers, these are little model penguins they hold onto and push along in front as they skate cautiously around. Shopping for food and good wine is finally dealt with and we return home for lunch.

In the kitchen we finally get busy making a selection of Christmas cookies, as they bake, delicious smells fill the apartment with a real Christmassy smell. Preparations then get underway for our Christmas Eve meal which involves Polish traditions and ingredients this year, as our daughter in law is from Poland.

The meal is delicious, it was so good to sit around the family table and be united at this special time.

Traditionally back home in UK, gifts are exchanged on Christmas Day, but not so this year, we have the pleasure of following other traditions.

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