Saturday, December 24, 2005


Zurich is famous for its Christmas Market, said to be the largest in Europe. The first part we visited took place undercover of the Main Railway Station. The wintery air of the bitterly cold day had certainly sharpened our senses to really appreciate the atmosphere and aromas that awaited us.

The rows of wooden cabins bedecked with Christmas lights, garlands of fir branches, mistletoe, angels and nativity scenes had totally transformed the lofty railway station, it now looked utterly charming. A massive Christmas tree took centre stage, adorned with thousands of sparkling Swarovski crystal ornaments. Spicy smells of sizzling sausages, mulled wine, gingerbread, roasting chestnuts, chocolate and stinky cheeses followed us around and the holiday shoppers, muffled up against the cold, looked happy in this enchanting little Christmas village. The Christmas markets back home just don`t seem able to capture the same magic as they do here, in mainland Europe.

The joy on children`s faces was a delight to behold as they gazed in wonderment at handmade wooden toys, pinocchio dolls, train sets and farm animals. Suddenly I found myself taken back with fond memories of my own childhood and many Christmasses ago.
We later crossed the river and on into the old quarter of the city here, as we meandered through the narrow, cobbled back streets, strains of Silent Night - Holy Night completed our Christkindli experience.

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