Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Christmas in Switzerland

Having been inspired by reading other blog sites, I have decided to start my own, and, what better time than now, so here goes......

The snow was falling softly as our flight touched down in Zurich on 20 December 2005. Such a beautiful and fitting start to our Christmas holiday in Switzerland staying with our son Christopher and his wife. Christopher met us at the airport, it was so good to see him. After strong embraces our luggage was loaded and we were soon transported to his warm and welcoming apartment. The last time we were here it was summertime, the snow has now totally transformed the landscape into a beautiful winter wonderland. Yes, I think Switzerland is the perfect place to be at Christmas.

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Kerri said...

Marion, I just looked back and read your first entry. How beautiful to spend Christmas in Switzerland with your son and his wife. I hope you had a wonderful visit.