Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Connecting with Welsh soil again

After a sharp frost last night the morning is crisp and sunny. The walk we take meanders alongside the river and up through the wood to the church. The sound of running water from streams that cascade down the hillsides is ever present in and around our little village.
The winter sun is low in the sky and casts a golden glow on the dead bracken. I see blue-tits flirting among the leafless bushes, are they mating already?

This month is appropriately named after Janus, the two-headed god of vigil. For January looks back on the old year and at the same time advances towards Spring.


Carol said...

Hello Marion,

so glad to meet you and thank you for the nice comments you have posted on my blog which I have appreciated very much! It's good to see that you have a blog too! Oh the welsh country looks stunning! I've been to Cardiff once, but just for a day and I can't really say that I know very much of Wales.I'm planning to hire a little cottage in the Lake District Cumbria for my next vacation and I know it's not Wales, but I hope that the country there looks as delightful as the country on your photos.I see that you've just started blogging in December (at least with this blog)and I really would like to see pictures of the old police station you live in.

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

The Welsh countryside is beautiful Carol, but so is Cumbria. They have more lakes than Wales. I'm sure you'll have a super time there in your cottage. I wonder where you'll be staying. Maybe you will visit Wales again one day and see for yourself the beauty we enjoy.... where the mountains just roll down to meet the sea.
Yes, I started my Blog in December, I'm not a very techie person, so I took advantage of my son's help whilst staying with him, to get me started. I did start a blog last May, It was called something like - 'Summer House Journaling in Rural Wales'. I think it still sit out there in cyber space, with just one posting. I became ill soon after starting it, then suddenly it was October and it seemed to bigger a gap to resume it. In the meantime I've enjoy reading others. I shall be posting pictures of the Old Police Station in due course and telling it's story.