Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sorting out my nest....
Why is it, that after a week or two away, I’m immediately bitten by the homemaking bug on my return. I’m sure it’s an instinct arising from ‘sorting out your nest’.

Cookery books have come out and new recipes tried. Hmmm… particularly from a cook book given to me by my daughter-in-law, called a ‘Culinary Tour of Switzerland’. Lovely, lovely book, its not only packed with delicious regional recipes, its beautifully illustrated with superb photographs and gives tons of interesting info’ about Swiss traditions past and present. As you can see, I haven’t quite shaken off the Swiss dust yet.

I’ve also re-arranged a little wooden shelf unit in my kitchen to display a few egg cups that I bought whilst away, plus some little folksy wooden and twiggy decorations. Carol’s blog has to take the credit for that inspiration.

Decided also, to dress the French doors that lead from the sitting room out onto the terrace. As yet, I haven’t decided on what curtain fabric I want to use, so in the meantime, with the aid of three single white cotton sheets and about 6 pins, I have ‘erected’ what you can see in the picture. I think its quite good, however, I may change the lacy bit that gives shape to the pelmet.


Alice said...

Marion - I've just discovered your blog via your comment to Carol. I was really interested in your photos of Switzerland. My daughter, Michelle (shellsandbeans) is married to a Swiss and they lived for several years in Basel before moving to Australia in late 2003. I have had two holidays in Switz. but not in the winter.

I see that we have similar interests so I will look forward to reading your blog regularly.

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Alice. Thank you for stopping by to say hello. Its good to know that we have a mutual interest in Switzerland. I love it there, both summer and winter, but my very favourite time and place is springtime in the Alps. I’ve included a couple of web-cam links in my blog, so if ever your son-in-law is feeling a little nostalgic, he can take a peek at how things are. I shall come over and visit ‘A Growing Delight’. See you there. Marion

Carol said...

Hey Marion the curtains are looking very good and so is your decorated shelf. It's such a good feeling to have inspired you!