Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Junk Shops Finds

On Saturday morning there is nothing that John and I like better than to have a good old mosey around a junk shop in our nearby town.

I felt quite lucky with last Saturday’s finds. An old singer sewing machine frame fitted with a lovely marble top. Ideal for the garden, the iron frame just needs a coat of black paint and it will be great to stand plants pots on, or used as extra table top space when we eat outside.

The other little treasures, were a pretty Victorian dish and plate, not quite matching, but as I already have a mixed collection of this type of ware, I was more than happy.


abe/happy said...

The plates are gorgeous and who would have thought that an old sewing frame could be used to make such a cute garden feature.

Marion I love your creative ideas for using secondhand stuff :)

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Hi Happy. I love hunting down old stuff. I shall be pleased when Easter is here and the Car Boot Sales start again.

The sewing machine is great isn't it, I like decoarting my garden as much as I do my home. In fact this converted sewing machine now makes two I have. I love being able to utilise things for a different use, it gives them a second life. Nevertheless, my ideas often bring a look of despair to my husband face. Marion

MariaJ said...

I have an old sewing machine in my green house. I like the look of it and agree with you: it's nice to create something different.

Maggie Ann said...

What beautiful dishs!! The sewing machine table is a wonderful idea for the garden. Just over visiting from Carol's. You have a lovely blog.

Kerri said...

What great finds! Beautiful stuff and sounds like you had fun. Love the sewing machine idea. I wish I had my mother's old treadle maching that I learned to sew on. No idea what ever happened to that.
The dishes are so delicate and pretty. My mum passed on to me a treasured Shelly teaset that she'd received as a wedding present. It's white, with bluebirds and pink roses. So beautiful! What a gift.