Tuesday, January 31, 2006

(This is for Carol)

Thought you may like to see the letter box (similar to Mum’s) I made. I constructed it from a stiff cardboard, used a glue gun to stick the pieces together. Pasted on about five layers of newspaper pieces, when dry, I gave it a couple of coats of gesso to give it a smooth surface, this also strengthened it, then it was painted and decoupaged I also used a bit of gilding on the edges to give it an aged look

I’ve made items from papier mache pulp too. Messy but great fun! I did a lot of it a couple of years ago as well as Craft Fairs and giving tuition to Youth Clubs and Schools. Papier machie items make nice little hand-crafted gifts, what I have left is packed away in the loft somewhere, I must get it down sometime and take some photographs.


Carol said...

Wow! Thank you for the photo Marion! I just can't believe that this fabulous box is made out of papier mache, it so looks like an old painted wooden box. Great stuff! I'd really like to see more!

Garden girl said...

just stumbled across your blog - found it via carol....
I stayed in a wonderful cottage in betwsy coed many years ago - on a geography field trip - I went to uni in london...the place was wonderful the scenery magnificnet - it was a wonderful field trip.

Alice said...

As I was reading about your letter box I was wondering "How does it stand up to all the rain?" Over here we all have outside 'letter boxes' for the mail; no slots in front doors. But then I realised my mistake when I saw the photo. The box is lovely and I'm sure it fits in with your beautiful home so well.

abe/happy said...

Very interesting Marion & I love those painted flowers :)

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Carol - Pleased you liked my efforts. I will venture into the loft and find more to show you.

Garden Girl - I'm very happy that you visited me. Being a new blogger its always a thrill to have someone new stop by. I'm pleased to read that you've visited Wales. Betwsy Coed is very beautiful, situated in the heart of the Snowdonia National Park and about 1 hours drive from here, we often take a trip out there. I've visited your blog, you have some interesting and varied postings that I enjoyed. I shall re-visit.

Alice - You're right, papier mache simply wouldn't stand up to all the Welsh rain we get. Maybe a paper rack would have been a more fitting name.

Happy - No, I'm not that cleaver, I didn't paint the flowers! That's 'decoupage'I think I cut those particular flowers from a piece of wall paper, but any patterned paper can be used, I often use gift-wrap. Marion