Saturday, September 02, 2006


We were blessed with a dry, warm, sunny day on Wednesday, so we embarked on our much looked forward to drive, over the border into England, to visit David Austin Rose Gardens.

Sadly the wet and windy weather the UK experienced during the month of August had taken its toll and the rose gardens were looking decidedly bashed about. Nevertheless, we had a lovely day, my biggest problem was deciding which roses I should choose. The only thing I was sure of, was that they had to be the Old English variety, but I lost count of the times I changed my mind about my respective choice. My final indecision was between the Geoff Hamilton rose and the Alan Titchmarch rose, both beautiful, but in the end it was my love and respect for Geoff Hamilton, and the great gardener that he was, that won through (Sorry Alan, but you are definitely on my list for next time).


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

So nice to see you!! I love it when I see that you have posted. Also to see pictures...and pictures of you and your husband!! He looks like such a nice man...but I suppose you already know that by now..SH!!! I guess we had better not tell him that..sometimes men get BIG heads when we tell them things like that!!
I just love roses but was never good at growing them. Now living here in Georgia it is IMPOSSIBLE..It is just way too HOT to even try. I can just look at yours and enjoy them. Hope you are well...Sandy

Kerri said...

So good to see you posting again Marion! I do hope you're feeling better.
Lucky you to have a trip to the David Austin Rose Gardens! Oh, how I'd love to see them! At least I'm getting a little peek through your lovely photos...and so nice to see you and John.
Thanks for sharing your trip with us dear Marion :)

Salix Tree said...

What a beautiful rose garden isn't it? I went to see it last year in May, only a few roses blooming that early in the year, so must go back again some day. I love those English Roses.
Lovely blog you have, the pics of the woodsy places are great, wish I was there!
I'll have to come back and visit your blog again, have a better look around! Too sleepy now. See you!

Sue said...

Dear Marion,
I loved seeing the picture of you smiling in the gardens. Looks like it was an enjoyable outing. I love every rose you chose! The decision couldn't have been easy!!
Great to see you posting again..

Val said...

I know very little about roses, but thats the way it goes. Because in my small village is a rose nursery, which sells amazing roses, called "Frampton Roses" (no website but a paper catalogue.) And Kevin Merritt who runs it, trained with David Austin. Wow! He is wasted on me.

mrspao said...

That is a beautiful garden. Thank you for sharing your photos with us.

Carol said...

Oh how wonderful Marion, you've been at David Austins nursery! Lucky you! That's something I'm still dreaming of doing! I have his latest catolog here and dream of all the gorgeous roses I wish to get! I would have chosen "The generous gardener" "A Shopshire lad", "Brother Cadfael", "Eglantyne" and Scepter D'isle I think lol! I already own a few of his wonderful roses which are St. Cecilia, Constance Spry, Heritage and Francine Austin and Cottage Rose.

Barbara said...

I have managed to read through all your blogs and just LOVE the pictures. Makes me homesick for Wales. Good to meet you. Do visit me if you have the time. Barbara