Saturday, September 02, 2006


Summer Song
Golden Celebration
Jubilee Celebration
Geoff Hamilton
And the book was a present from John


Kerri said...

You can imagine how much I'm drooling Marion! The Geoff Hamilton is such a wonderful soft pink! Was the Alan Titchmarch a simiar color?
Or course, I love them all!
And the book is such a beautiful present from your thoughtful husband.
Lucky girl! :)
Hope you don't have much trouble deciding where to put them!

patsy said...

what a lovely book. i have several books with photos of flowers and on cold bleak days of winter i go to bed and look at the pictures.

HORIZON said...

Love your picks Marion. My roses have not faired so well this summer- have seen them do better. The sun has just peeped out from behind the clouds here :). l will grab the few moments to get out in the garden ~ wish the weather would pick up a bit again. Lovely to come by your blog today and see you back online - looks like your feeling a bit better, getting out and about with your husband- lovely.
Take care,

mrspao said...

The Geoff Hamilton is stunning!

Lee-ann said...

Hi! Marion,
we can get David Austin Roses down here in aussie as well. but I did not know they had gardens and a shop etc. how wonderful what I would have done to be with you on this day, they are the best roses but cost a lot of money here.

Your choice of Roses are wonderful but what a hard thing to do choose...............I'll take one of everything thanks!!! :o)

see you again real soon.

Carol said...

Wonderful choice Marion, especially Geoff Hamilton is beautiful, I saw it at our garden center last weekend and it was hard to resist! Oh your garden will get heavenly with all your new rose trasures! I also saw that book cover in the catalog, it's gorgeous! How nice of John to buy it for you!

Alice said...

Beautiful roses. With roses like that, Marion, you will have to join the Open Garden Scheme, and then you will have an excuse to buy

That book will sustain you through the winter months and provide many hours of drooling, too.