Monday, December 18, 2006


On Saturday evening the house was feeling warm and comfy with the good smells of festive cooking coming from the kitchen, it had even stopped raining, so with a lighter heart, I began to decorate our home in readiness for Christmas. Until then, the only evidence of the season was the Advent wreath placed in the centre of our dining table.

I have a fondness for angles and these little friends together my the nativity scenes were the first to be unpacked.

Come see how its looking.....


Sue said...

Your collection of angels is lovely. I keep several out year round...
Your house looks very festive!

MariaJ said...

You have a beautiful collection of angels! I especially adore that on the pink wall...I wish you a merry Christmas dear friend. Enjoy your company and feel the spirit of Christmas. Hope you'll have a nice weather and no more raining. Here we dont know yet if its a black or white Christmas.

Anita said...

Oh Marion, your home looks so cosy with all your wonderfull angels, and very British, I adore that style! I cross my fingers that you won't get any more rain for Christmas!

mrspao said...

Happy Christmas to you!

Your decorations are beautiful :)

Val said...

Enjoy the good things of the season. The rain has stopped and here it is frosty (well and foggy too but you cant have everything!)
Happy Christmas to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Angels you have!
I wish you and your Mr. Wonderful a very nice Christmas,Marion.


Anonymous said...

These all are very nice.
I wish you merry Christmas

Kerri said...

I love your decorations Marion, especially those last 2 angels. So beautiful.
I hope you and John have a wonderful Christmas surrounded by the love of family and friends.
God's rich blessing to you for 2007. May it be a wonderful year for you.
Much love,
Kerri xoxo

HORIZON said...

Tried to comment and it did not work- arghh!
Wanted to wish you and John the very best for Christmas. Your angels are so very lovely Marion- it is really nice to have things to collect.
Also wanted to thank you for your friendship over this past year. Lovely photos of you on earlier posts, of when you got married.
Sadly it does not look like we will have any snow for the big day but l am glad that we live close enough together to enjoy whatever.
Now l am going to make a copy of this incase it does not go through.