Thursday, December 14, 2006


Is simply dreadful, will it never stop raining, day after day, it is relentless, as well as this, we have gales lashing our coast. It is difficult to see through our windows now, so much salt is carried in the wind from the sea, it coats the glass with an opaque film.

We have discovered problems in the gable end wall of our house, the rendering has blown, this is allowing rain water to penetrate through onto an adjoining flat roof and, at one end of our property, water is continually dripping through into a utility room, cloakroom and my office. I have buckets, bowls and other receptacles placed to catch the drips. I get quite a tune played from the dripping water as it lands into the containers I have out. I even have a bowl here beside my keyboard, so when I’ve posted this I shall pack everything away and switch off until later.

We’ll have to wait until the better weather before we can get the wall re-rendered, so in the meantime, John has started to paint it with a coat of bitumen, what he’s done so far has helped a little, but not stopped the rain coming in completely, so, with dry days promised for Saturday and Sunday we hope to apply another coat. Our lovely white house is looking rather dreadful right now, never mind it has to be done. Forgive this little moan, for I do like to keep my postings as upbeat as possible, but these circumstances really are getting me down.

I’m trying to think Christmassy, but its difficult at the moment. However, amidst this, I do count my blessing for last evening was wonderful, we left the house for a couple of hours, during a power cut I may add, and went to a concert in St Peter’s Church where we were entertained by a local choir singing Christmas songs, afterwards mulled wine and mince pies was served. It was magical! We had to laugh when we later returned to the car which we’d parked on the sea front road side, it was covered in sand, but it was lovely to see, when driving back towards our village, the twinkling lights, telling us that our electricity was back on.

Thought you might like to see the side of the house, the blobs on the picture are rain drops.

I'm starting Christmas next week.


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

WOW!! You have a BIG Problem going on I see!! I am so sorry!! This is going to be something to get fixed. I wish that my hubby lived closer. He really could help you and John out. Course with his poor knees anymore I am not sure!! I keep forgetting we are getting older!! Your temperatures must be warm or it would be snow I am sure!! We have had rain but of course not like you are having. It is dreary and I keep getting so sleepy these past two days!! I need some sun as I am sure you do too. Take care and keep me informed. Sandy

Alice said...

I hope you will be able to weatherproof your house very soon, Marion. Water can be so damaging when it gets into unwanted places.

Of course, it is also damaging when it doesn't arrive at all ... lol. Tasmania, Victoria and NSW would gladly take all the rain you have to spare - anything at all to put out the dreadful fires which have been burning for weeks, and could continue for many more.

I'd have loved to have been at that Christmas service with you.

mrspao said...

Gosh - that's terrible! I hope that you can stop any further damage.

Sue said...

The Christmas musical service sounds wonderful! I bet the mulled wine was warm and delicious in that awful weather.
So sorry to hear about the damage to your house. As Alice says, Australia could surely use some of the excess rain you're having..

Anonymous said...

Oh, you poor woman, I hope your house will repaired soon, thats so bad for you!
O.k., beginn christmas next week, I wish you have a good time, see you!


Anonymous said...

Oh Marion, how terrible! I wish you that everything soon again is ok.

Anonymous said...

It looks like a great big black welsh spider on the side of the house !!!!!!!!

Connie and Rob said...

So sorry to hear about the damage to your home. It can be very frustrating to have something wrong and you can't get it fixed right away. I will say a prayer you have a break in the weather.

All the best to you and take care.

Anonymous said...

merry christmas from arkansas with 75 dregrees and sun shine. patsy, know now on beta blog as the green chicken!