Monday, January 01, 2007

I love to receive a package from Danuta & Leszek in Poland, they are always packed with such wonderful surprises and this year was no exception, their parcel was a joy to open, filled with a lovely assortment of gifts, I have so much to say thank you for.

Danuta knows of my fondness for angels, and the new ones she sent add nicely to my collection. I love the wooden cut out decorations too, they are so delicate and I haven’t any like this. Also included was a tiny ladybird that I can clip onto a chain. The serviettes, decorated with pretty Victorian girls are just gorgeous and the black knee socks are exactly what I needed and a perfect fit inside my wellington boots, you’ll be pleased to know that they kept my feet beautifully warm on a walk we did yesterday.

Danuta, you have really spoilt me this year, I love the shawl that you have knitted it is beautiful, lovely pattern, lovely colour and as soft as silk. It hugs my shoulders on chilly evenings and I even take it to bed with me and wear when I sit up and read.

I have to admit that we had already eaten the delicious chocolates you enclosed before I took this photograph, but we look forward to opening the bottle of vodka and we’ll be sure to raise our glass and drink to you.... ‘Szczesliwego nowego roku’ ‘Happy New Year’.

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