Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I’m back from our little holiday. We had a wonderful time and I took lots of pictures which I will show in my next posting, but first I must devote this post to my dear friend Carol (Boxwood Cottage) and say a big thank you for the wonderful surprises she has sent me.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Carol had made two gorgeously crafted paper hearts which she posted pictures of on her blog and invited her readers to leave a note for her if they would like the chance to win one. Having been a long time admirer of Carol’s exquisite creations, I, together with many others left our names in ‘hope’. Didn’t I have a big surprise when the day arrived for Carol to make the draw for the lucky winners and I discovered I was one of them, together with Joanne who owns the Just before we went away Carol said she’s packed the heart up and it was winging its way from Germany to Wales.

Another surprise came when not one, but two packages arrived, both envelopes beautifully decorated with a Valentine theme. Thank you dear Carol, it has been such a thrill to open the parcels and discover that not only had you sent me the prized Valentine heart, but other gorgeous goodies so prettily wrapped too. First there was the Home and Garden magazine and although I can’t read the articles, it is so beautifully illustrated that it is a joy to simply look at the pictures. However, I do have the advantage that Uli, my German sister in law is moving to Wales in a months time, and when she does, we can share the joy of the magazine when Uli translates it for me, in the meantime, it is especially gorgeous to look at and be inspired.

Even more joy was in store when I opened the contents of the second envelope! A much appreciated little letter from Carol, sheets of lovely Victorian German scraps (I love them), a box of beautiful rose cards (our favourite flowers), a packet of poppy seeds collected from her garden which I shall plant in my friendship garden and not least, the divine paper heart, so exquisitely crafted and decorated on both sides and I have to say, it looks even more stunning in real life.

Thank you dear Carol for all the lovely gifts and especially the heart, it’s wonderful to own one of your hand crafted creations, I shall treasure it always.


Anita said...

Good morning Marion

I am glad you had a great week-end. Wow, another wonderful parcel, lucky you.

We now share the same magazine, I bought that issue of "Wohnen & Garden", too and I will soon show some of its beautiful pictures that I took while reading it, outside in the sun last Friday. It's great, isn't it?

Enjoy all your pretty gifts.


Lis said...

Oh my, what beautiful hearts! What a great selection of gifts.

Carol said...

Awe how very nice of you to devote such a long post to me dear Marion, I feel ashamed! *blushes* But I'm so glad that you've got all the goodies I've sent to you and that you like it all! :D You are very welcome! Carol xox

That's a good thing that your sis in law is coming from Germany so that she can help you translate the mgazines text!

Joanne said...


My package hasn't arrived yet - and now I'm even more anxious than before to see what Carol sent!

Joanne (watching for the mail truck...)

Susie said...

What a lovely gift from a friend!
I'm sure you'll treasure it!

Kerri said...

What lovely surprises Marion. The heart is beautifully done. How sweet if Carol to send you such pretty gifts.
I'll look forward to seeing the photos of your little holiday.

Annabelle said...

It's so nice to receive treasures from one's heart. I love the two hearts... a great symbol of your friendship you both share between the two of you.


Jacran Cottage said...

Glad you enjoyed your time away, and I'm looking forward to your pictures. You always post such wonderful pictures!

The hearts are gorgeous!! So much talent there!


Anonymous said...

Dear Marion,
Oh my you are a very lucky lady to receive such wonderful things. I think Carol really did a nice job on her valentines. Such talent!

Take care,

Twinkle Pink said...

Hi have just enjoyed reading your blog. I too am looking forward to receiving hearts from Anita and Carol - it is a Nostalgia hearts swap - we all love our hearts don't we!

I see you are in Wales - I have just had a lovely weekend in North Wales - family wedding - thank goodness we missed the snow.
Best wishes Ginny

MariaJ said...

Oh such lovely treasures! I can imagine your thrilled! Enjoy your weekend Marion and hope you have alovely spring weather.

Gypsy Purple said...

Lovely blog you have here..had a great visit

Alice said...

Those stunningly beautiful hearts are a real work of art. Carol really does such exquisite work, doesn't she?

smilnsigh said...

I just came upon your blog, and was enjoying some entries. I came to the entry about ‘The Magic Apple Tree’ by Susan Hill. So I popped over to my library web site and ..... It is now on hold for me!

I'm sure I will love it, and want to thank you in advance, for introducing me to this title.

{long retired, in the US}

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Happy birthday Marion! Lovely gifts and those lambs are darlings :)