Sunday, March 04, 2007


Are we really into March already? How the weeks seem to speed by lately.

As I look from my window I can see cute little lambs jumping and skipping in a nearby field. Yes, there is a certain smell in these early days of March that tells me spring is at last here.

I think of March as being a very ‘yellow’ month, for this colour is in abundance everywhere. The banks and roadside verges leading into towns and villages are a mass of yellow daffodils right now and present a spectacular sight. Large clumps of primroses form pale yellow cushions in the hedgerow growing alongside the bright yellow celandine, whilst the marsh marigold, or king cup as I knew it in my childhood, prefers its feet in the damper soil of stream sides, the hillside are showing off their yellow too, with fine displays of golden gorse.

The Daffodil is Wales National flower and the leek too is a national emblem. I think the daffodil was chosen as the national flower because it is in bloom on the 1 March, which is St. David’s Day, St David, being the patrol saint of Wales. Daffodils are traditionally worn on this day.

Apart from St. David’s Day there was another day of celebration for me last week, it was my birthday on 28 February. I spent a lovely day, lots of cards, presents, phone calls and visits, but it is in this posting that I want to make special mention of the lovely and unexpected gift I received from my blogging friend Betty.

The exciting package arrived a few days before my birthday, and was duly put out of temptations way until my special day. What a thrill it was to open on Wednesday morning, not only was a gorgeously decorated box revealed, but it contained layer upon layer of surprises, each separated by the most beautiful paper napkins, which I just cannot put to their proper use, they will be kept to just enjoy for some time and then used for really ‘special paper crafting’. Let me tell you what I found, a lovely folksy style wooden heart with the words ‘Life’s a game but gardening is serious’, how true and the colours are just perfect to hang on the conservatory dresser. A Victorian style fridge magnet, so pretty. A perpetual ‘Daily Blessings’ calendar which I love and last but by no means least, an exquisitely perfumed rosebud heart to add to my growing heart collection. Thank you so much dear Betty, you spoil me!

Let me tell you about Betty, she first introduced herself to me by e-mail, after being a silent reader of my blog for a while, I am so happy that she decided to get in touch, we immediately struck up a good friendship with us soon recognising each other as kindred spirits. At the time she first contacted me, Betty was not a blogger, however, on 19 January, Betty launched ‘Country Charm’ into Blogland and already has developed quite a following of readers, this doesn’t surprise me, as ‘Country Charm’ is a delightful read. Unfortunately, I haven’t mastered how to insert links for direct connection, but I have much pleasure in recommending you check out Betty at the following.......

Betty, lives in S. Georgia USA and is married to a Minister, she is lucky enough to have her daughter Amy and family living next door and we share a wealth of interests, as well as a strong faith.

I also have yet to learn how to add text under the appropriate picture, but I’m sure you will have no trouble in working your way through my posting and identifying with the related picture.

I hope you enjoy sharing a few of my experiences of last week.


Susie said...

Beautiful pictures Marion. I've had the pleasure of "meeting Betty" and agree that her site is a pleasure to read.
A belated Happy Birthday dear Marion..
May the coming year bring you every blessing..

Carol said...

Oh I didn't know it was your b-day last week Marion, so I send you happy belated birthday wishes for a wonderful year ahead!! xox

How very nice of Betty to send you such a lovely parcel! You wont believe that my sister has got me the same paper napkins for my b-day in January and I love them too!
Oh and the little lambs *sigh* they are so very cute!

This was a lovely post! Hugs to you Carol xox

Lis said...

Your surprise gifts are so lovely.

Alice said...

Dear Marion - I wish you a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I hope it will be the beginning of a wonderful year for you.

What lovely gifts Betty sent you. She obviously knows you very well.

I loved your lamb photos. They reminded me of all the lambs we would see roaming at will across Dartmoor. I especially loved white lambs with black faces. In Britain the whiteness of the sheep is in such contrast to the beautful green of the grass. Unlike here, where the dust permeates the wool and the sheep go a dirty grey colour and blend in with the dry grass.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Wow!! Your birthday is in February too!! I am not surprised because so is mine...Mine is the 20th!! Another great person to share my birthday month with!!
A most happy belated birthday to you. I have it written down this time and I hope that I remember next year!! I am going to go visit your friend since she lives in the same state that I do.

Joanne said...

Happy belated birthday, Marion! Hope your day was fabulous! I can show you how to add links, if you'd like to learn how...

Jacran Cottage said...

A belated very happy birthday wish to you, Marion! Lovely photos of lambs! I just love them, they are so cute! I have a Welsh dragon decal on the back window of my car!

Betty said...

I was delighted to hear from you. Thank you for all the sweet comments you made about my blog, your gift, and just being so complimentary.

I thought I left a comment here last night but guess it didn't go through.

The lambs are precious. In years past I could look out my kitchen window and see our flock of sheep. When we moved away for six and one half years, we had to sell our sheep. I was so sad. Now that we once again live on the farm, I would love to have another flock. Maybe one day......

Hope you are having a beautiful day.

God Bless.

Betty said...


Marion, hope it is okay that I tagged you and Amy as to Five Reasons You Enjoy Blogging.


Annabelle said...

A VERY HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY MARION. Looks like you have had a wonderful birthday. Love the sheep and Wales sounds beautiful right now with all the daffodils and primroses. I wish I could visit for my birthday {this coming Sat and the big 50...scary!!!!}Well it wouldn’t happen that soon unfortunately but I have you to show me around your gorgeous countryside. Thanks and have a lovely week .Enjoy your new friendship with Betty; she certainly gave you beautiful and meaningful gifts.

Luv Annabelle

HORIZON said...

Dear Marion- l am glad you had a good birthday- smashing gift from Betty- she is a lovely blogger friend indeed.
I liked the way you described March as a 'yellow month'- l totally agree with that!- the gorse, the daffs, the primrose...:)
Hugs and bests wishes
- l will be thinking of you much in the weeks ahead.

Kerri said...

Those sweet little lambs must be a joy to look at out your window! I hope you'll show us some pictures of the beautiful yellow countryside. It sounds wonderful to me as I look out on yet another snowy day. That mind picture, and the dear lambs remind me that Spring is coming!
What beautiful gifts Betty sent. Yes, she is a lovely lady, and it's wonderful that you two have become such good friends through e-mail and blogging.
A very happy belated birthday to you Marion. I hope you have a wonderful and healthy year. xoxox