Monday, February 05, 2007


I can’t make my mind up what I should do, I’m being drawn in all directions, the sun shines and the garden beckons, I have some new fabric and I want to sew, I have new books I want to read and now this newly acquired basket of wool, makes me want to sit in front of the fire and either crochet or knit.

Our weather was glorious over the weekend, we enjoyed wall to wall sunshine and both days were spent in the garden, that is until about 4pm when the sun gets lower in the sky and sinks behind our hedge, then temperatures suddenly plummet.

John has painted my lovely summer house and the attached pergola with a preservative, I was eager to get that job done so I can go ahead an plant a couple of new climbers up there.

My friend and I had a great day out last week visiting a wonderful garden centre situated on the English/Welsh border. I bought lots of things I can’t easily get locally, a blueberry bush, dahlia & begonia tubers, canna rhizomes, many packets of seeds, seed potatoes and onion sets. Plus... yes, at last I’ve got one, a rusty garden ornament of a bird. I was so thrilled to find it. I have admired these ornaments in a number of my German friend’s blogs. I’ll have to take a picture and show you. Oh! and I simply couldn’t resist the pretty primulas and the rose decorated pot either, such a vision of spring.

Thought you may like to see the picture I took of the clipped box bush in the shape of a horse and jockey. Quite magnificent.

If you click on the pictures they will enlarge.


Joanne said...

I have days like that, too... when there are so many things I want to do, and not enough hours in the day! I love primroses - yours are beautiful!

Lis said...

It will time that it spring becomes. Last week it was very warmly, but today it's raining and I makes new sweet hearts :-)

Susie said...

The horse and ride topiary are great!
Someone is very talented! Your primroses are a bright spot of color..

Alice said...

So many hours of creative fulfilment ahead of you, Marion.

Just as we're getting a little tired of summer (although there's plenty more to come), I guess you are looking forward to the first signs of Spring. You sound like you will be well prepared for it too.

I looked at the photo of the wool and the glowing fire in the background and thought "how lovely that would be". But then I remembered that it's to be 36º here today, so decided to do without the fire.

I have a lot of catching up to do, but I hope you are keeping very well and the future is rosy.

Frances xxx

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

My days just fly...I have so many things to do just like today. seems like there are just not enough hours in the day. We have had the temperatures in the middles 50's today here in Georgia. In Illinois where we come from it has been in the -13 range. Our daughter still lives there and she said they cancelled school because of it. So glad to see you post. Love reading your blog. Sandy

Kerri said...

Like you Marion, I have so many things I'd like to do and not enough hours in the day!
The colors of the yarns in the lovely are such pretty pastels.
What a wonderful preview of spring the primulas are! Beautifully bright and cheery in their pretty pot. You did well on your shoppin trip!
Thanks for sharing the horse and jockey with us. You're right, it is magnificent.
Happy crafting, knitting, reading, gardening, or whatever you choose to do! xox

Anita said...

Marion, it really sounds as if you are having a great time these days...

I know how difficult it is to chose between sewing, reading and knitting.... for me, sewing is the winner!

Oh yes pleeeeeeas, you absolutely need to share with us here a photo of your new rusty garden ornament of a bird!

Wildflower Cabin said...

What lovely colorful photos! I feel the same as you most days...pulled in so many directions...I want to do it all at once! Your fire looks inviting and I think I would be tempted to sit in front of it and knit for a while. :o)

Lee-ann said...

To sit beside a lovely fire to knit a stitch or two and to think about spring to me would be a wonderful thing right about now.

Yesterday it was over 40deg.C and I can do without too much more of these hot days.

I often think beyond this day and the moment the first daffodil popped its little head out of the soil will be a blessed day for me.

We live in an area were winter can be harsh and I guess if you choose to live here then you choose these harsh winters, I say bring it on! I am ready! :o)

Your buying up of such lovely pieces sounded like a wonderfully interesting day one I would enjoy.

May this day be filled with all of your desires....gardening, knitting, crafting and that very important new book to read.

best wishes always Lee-ann

Samantha said...

What a lovely set of choices! :)

HORIZON said...

l feel the same at the moment Marion- itching to get outside and yet it is so cold and not a long day, hmmf.
We had some decent weather last weekend and started work on the driveway- lots to digging and l am now a bit sore :) but happy that things are starting to happen. l long for Spring.
Hope you and John have been keeping well- love the birdcage below- what a find.

The Decorated House said...

I loved visiting your site! I'm not sure if I've been by before, or left a comment, but I wanted to take the time to do so now.
I'll be back I'm sure.

MariaJ said...

I know this feeling Marion! FIRST I got that inspiration from Carol (paper crafts) and then I started to do crochetting...but at the same time wanted to do sewing (inspirations from Anita and Cat) and all these hobbies together....It was really hard to choose. That clipped box bush is unbelieveble!!!

Hootin'Anni said...

...but wait! Did I miss the explanation while reading this post?

Is the topiary in your yard?

Carol said...

Oh Marion I know what you mean, but it is better being full of ideas and inspiration than being bored in front of the tv like so many people are, especially during the winter time, isn't it :D I can't believe that you have such good weather so you could both work in the garden, lucky you! Here it's cold and snowy.

Oh and btw, I have good news for you today! You are one of my heart winners! CONGRATULATIONS Marion! I was so happy when I saw who I drew! :D

Please e-mail me you home addy, would you? xox

Anita said...

Dear Marion!!!

Congratulations!!!! I just read on Carol's blog that you are the lucky winner of one of her wonderfull rose hearts!!!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

You deserve it!!!

Coffeeteabooksandme said...

I just found your site, coming here from a comment in another.


It has already been added to my Bloglines.

Betty said...

How fortunate you are! To win the beautiful heart from Carol. I'm so happy for you.

Nature Girl said...

Congratulations on winning Carol's dear hEaRtS! I have a few of her creations and treasure them as I feel her energy in each one!
How wonderful that you are experiencing the garden season already as most of us still experience the cold winter {{freeze}}however I am taking time in the sun to renew my spirit!hugs