Monday, February 12, 2007


My friend Anita of ‘My Country Cottage Garden’ Blog, continues to inspire me with her wonderful fabric heart creations. She has been so helpful and encouraged me to try my hand at making these attractive little treasurers, she has even sent me patterns and directed me to other links that I would find helpful. Well, I’m pleased to say that I have have now completed my 2nd fabric heart and this is it.

Where, you may ask is my first heart, well, I’m not spoiling the surprise, for my special friend. Anita and I have arranged to do our own heart swap so, right at this moment, the very first patchwork heart I’ve created is winging its way to Germany, I do hope she likes it. I feel a bit apprehensive, here am I’m still practising the art of crazy quilting, and I’m sending my first attempt to a very experienced ‘heart maker’. I hope you will make allowances and be a little forgiving Anita. I have already received the heart Anita made for me, but I shall reveal her exquisite creation on Valentine’s Day.

During the last few days, I have been enjoying a vase of the most glorious lilies and I’d like to share them with you today. I only wish I could share their exquisite perfume too, its quite deliciously heady and is wafting from room to room. I do adore them.
Click on pictures to enlarge if you like.


picketfencemom said...

Hi Marion,
I so enjoyed looking at the photographs of the heart and lovely lilies you posted. I also admired your china cabinet and reminds me of my own. My kitchen is done in blue/white toile with yellow accents. I think blue/white is so restful!
Anyway, everything is lovely!
Have a wonderful day!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Marion, I really love that heart!! You are doing a great job!! I also love the lilies!! I always look forward to your posts!! I have a post up today about our weekend. If you have time go see. Sandy

Samantha said...

That is such a beautiful heart! Well done you :) I love looking at the heart you sent me and thinking about you.

Anita said...

♥ ♥ ♥

Marion, well done!!!

Congratulations on that second heart! I am so pleased to see the result of your work and I am even more pleased that your first heart is on its way to me... If it arrives by February 14th, I shall try to post it on my blog for Valentine's day (together with another Valentine's surprise that already arrived from far away).

Marion, you really are a very clever "student" and I am looking forward to admiring more hearts!


♥ ♥ ♥

Alice said...

I'm sure I can smell their heavenly perfume over here, Marion. They are beautiful and look just right in your lovely home.

Congratulations on your lovely heart creations. I'm sure Anita will be thrilled to receive hers, especially knowing that she had some part in helping you learn to make these little treasures.

Susie said...

Your fabric heart is lovely Marion. I know Anita will treasure it!
I love the fragrance of lilies!

Betty said...

I've been gone most of the day today to Red Hatters, shopping and carrying flowers to three cemeteries so I am just now seeing your gorgeous heart and reading your post.
Are those casablanca lilies? I know the scent is heavenly......
That heart is only surpassed by the beautiful heart that ticks within you....Betty

Hillside Garden said...

Huhu, Marion, Europe is in heart-fever, yes? Wonderful, your new one.
Your porcellan looks very nice, I like it!


♥ ♥

Marci said...

Oh be still my heart.... I LOVE your blue and white dishes. I love anything blue and white, especially gingham.

Birgit said...

Hello Marion, I visiting your blog and look at your wonderful patchwork-hearts. I know this hearts from Anitas blog, but yours a lovely, too. I will come back to your blog to see all the new posts you will write ps: I am collecting blue-white dishes, too.

Carol said...

Oh Marion I love all your pictures in this post! Your heart is so beautiful and so are all your blue and white dishes and the bouquet of white lilies (hm I can almost smell them) in the last picture! Even that magazine holder with the pink rose and with my fave English magazin "Country Living" (wish we could get it here too) looks great!

Kerri said...

The lilies are a dream Marion..I think I can smell them from here :) Oh what beautiful china, and I see your pretty magazine container with "Country Living" magazine. I've been making containers like these using empty cereal boxes. They work well for mag storage.
I hope you create many more dear little hearts! xox

Suzy said...

I must say, those are beautiful hearts!! i'll have to try a hand at those for next Valentine's Day...Very inspirational!