Wednesday, February 14, 2007


‘Hearts’ have certainly topped the leaderboard of blog topics recently, be they fabric, paper, knitted etc., wonderful heartfelt creations are being exchanged, swapped and even won, between blogging friends all over the world. And what a wonderful way to express the joys of friendship at this special time of the year.

So, today being Valentines Day, presents the perfect opportunity for me to show the exquisite gift I received last week from my friend Anita in Germany. I’m sure you have all come to recognise that Anita’s blog, ‘My Country Cottage Garden’, is brimming over with wonderful hearts that her skilful fingers have created. I have admired her work all along and so it came about for us to arrange a heart swap between ourselves. I would point out that I am just a beginner at this, so I felt somewhat conscious that my efforts would pale into the shadow of Anita’s abilities and would result in me getting the better deal.

On opening the package from Anita, I was thrilled to find that not only did it contain the most exquisite little heart of such delicate colours and fabric, beautifully embroidered, but, there unfolded more encouragement to get me stated with a lovely selection of the prettiest fabric, wadding, vilene, beads, plus a packet of seeds actually collected from her garden and a gorgeous card decorated with beautiful roses, I have an idea that Anita made this card herself too.

I do thank you dear friend, your gift was a delight to receive and will be treasured always.

If that wasn’t enough, a few days after receiving this gift, I heard that I had won a paper heart crafted by the very talented Carol of Boxwood Cottage. Not only is this another exquisite creation, but what I find is an incredible coincidence, it is decorated with the very same rose patterned paper that is on Anita’s card. You two girls have certainly spotted my weakness for Old English roses.

I am so thrilled with both of my hearts. At the time of this post I haven’t yet received the paper heart from Carol yet (it is posted on her blog), but when I do, it will certainly be on my blog.

Thank you dear friends, Anita and Carol, you have made Valentine’s Day really special for me.

Did you know?

* Approximately 110 million roses (mostly red) will be sold for Valentine’s Day.
* One billion Valentine’s Day cards are given every year.
* Over 35 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolates are sold every Valentine’s Day.
* The first Valentine’s Day candy box was invented by Richard Cadbury in the late 1800s.
* Hallmark makes over 1330 different Valentine’s Day cards.
* Verona, Italy, where Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet is set, receives nearly a thousand Valentines addressed to Juliet every year.
* And.... To dream of her future husband, a single woman in the seventeenth century ate a hard boiled egg and pinned five bay leaves to her pillow before going to sleep on Valentine’s eve.
Now you know girls!

I wish a day for of love to all my dear blogging friends and last, but certainly not least, ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ dearest John.

You can click on the pictures to enlarge the detail.


Anita said...

Dear Marion!

... you are welcome! I am so glad you enjoyed everything. Thanks a lot for writing this wonderful post! And you are right. My card and Carol's heart both are made of the same wonderfull roses (she used my wrapping paper I sent her on her birthday).

I posted your wonderfull heart as well as all YOUR goodies you had kindly sent me for Valentine's day on my blog this morning.

You are all more than welcome to pass by and admire Marion's wonderfull first crazy quilting heart!

Have a romantic Valentine's day!


Carol said...

Ha ha I just wanted to tell you about Anita's beautiful wrapping paper but she has beaten me to it lol Very lovely goodies indeed that she has kindly sent to you!

A very happy Valentine's day to you dear Marion! Well by now you have already read that I'm sending "my heart" out to you today!

Thank you for the mention in this heartfelt post (beuatiful pictures!) and for your lovely post on my blog this morning I'm glad to have you as my guest on my virtual Valetines tea party!

I hope you day is filled with love, joy and happiness! xox

Anonymous said...

Such lovely gifts!! You are a very lucky girl to have such nice people surrounding you. Of course you are quite the person yourself!

Take good care of yourself. Hugs,

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

What pretty gifts! And I really like your heart you made Marion! If I had the time, I would have had a go at it too.
Those lilies look so pretty against your beautiful dishes!
Happy Valentines Day!


Betty said...

Last night, I tried time and time again to comment but to no avail.
What beautiful gifts.

Thank you for the Valentine greeting left for me.

Happy Valentine's Day to you and John and wish you sunshine and roses(David Austin's).

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Beautiful...the pinks are just wonderful and great!! What talent these ladies have and you are learning too. Have a great day...Sandy

Joanne said...

Happy Valentine's Day - from one heart winner to another. :)

Lee-ann said...


I wish your family and yourself a very special heart felt valentines.

I am sure like many you are looking forward to spring and getting back in the garden, as I hear it is ever so cold were you are.

Keep warm and may your daffodils poke their buttercup yellow heads from the soil soon to bloom bringing with them much joy for all.


Annabelle said...

Happy Valentines Day Marion.

Lots of love Annabelle

Nature Girl said...

It is always such a JOY to receive
gifts from the HeArt! I too have one of Anitas creations and cherish `the love and the lavender` she puts into them! Carol is another of `my favorite dear HeArTs!`
Happy Valentines Day to you!

Lis said...

Oh, such wonderful gifts. The heart from Anita is very beautiful

Samantha said...

That is such a beautiful and timely gift :)

Alice said...

They are the prettiest gifts, Marion. There's something exquisite and touching about the heart shape, especially when it is created so lovingly with such beautiful materials. It sounds like the perfect symbol for the friendship you and Anita have.

Kerri said...

Such a sweet little heart and lovely package from Anita. She is a very inspiring person! But then Marion dear, so are you! You've done a wonderful job with your little heart creations.
I too received a beautiful heart, white marigold seeds and a gorgeous card from Anita. She's a sweetheart!
I hope you and John have a wonderful break away visiting your daughter and grandson. xox

Hillside Garden said...

Marion, that is such a nice heart. Anita is very talented! I which you a nice break with your John.


HORIZON said...

What a lovely gift :)
Heading to bed up this way now but wanted to say happy St. David's Day Lady Marion- waving hello and a daffodil too :)