Friday, May 18, 2007


First, I must apologise to those of you who have visited recently only to discover that my blog has not been updated for a little while.

It has been a disruptive time at home with builders working both inside the house and out. Being at my computer in my little office has not been the pleasant environment it usually is, on the contrary, I’ve had to battle with invasive noise and interior walls being dismantled. There is a gritty, dusty layer on all surfaces so most of the time my computer is draped in a dust sheet However, as I always say when major projects like this are underway, it has to get worse before it gets better.

Builders are drilling off the rendering on that gable end wall and replacing it, this is the wall we had so much trouble with during the winter months, if that isn’t enough to contend with, we are also constructing a new shower room, unfortunately both projects are in the part of the house where my office is located.

Do keep in touch please, I will be posting more very, very soon.


Dawn said...

Nothing is more exciting than updating your space! Nothing is messier than doing the bathroom/shower area. Ask me how I know...with two plumbers in the family..(DH and DS#1)
It will be a delight to have it completed I am sure. Nevermind the blog until it is finished..but glad to hear you are well.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Marion, good to know that you are okay!! I love it when I see you pop up on my bloglines!! I can see why you have not been posting!! I have a laptop now and I take it all over the house!! This would be a great time for you to have one!! Then you could pick it up and take it out of your office!!
Boy it will be wonderful when it is all done. I remember the problems that you had before. Hopefully once this is all done all of the problems will be fixed.
All is fine here except my friend Betty is really having a lot of problems as you can read in my blog. I am afraid that her time is short with us.
We are well though and so thankful for good health. Take care and keep in touch..Sandy

Joanne said...

Dear Marion,

My sympathies for the disruption - I had a major remodel going on in my house a few years ago - there was a time when the only room that wasn't torn apart was the bathroom! Just now I've been at my mother's house helping her pack and move to a smaller place. I brought back a pick-up load of various treasures, both hers and mine. Most notably, I brought back a full-grown, 22 year old Norfolk Island Pine! It's really my brother's, but he didn't want it, and I couldn't bear to have it thrown out. Now I have my very own live Christmas tree!
I hope order will be restored to your home soon!

Susie said...

Dear Marion,
Lovely to see you post! Sorry you house has been in chaos. I know that feeling full well having gone through our huge remodeling project last yr at this time. You'll feel much better when it's over!!

Kerri said...

I'm very happy to read your message Marion and know that you're well. I was concerned. Sorry to hear you're dealing with such chaos at the moment, but I'm sure it will all be lovely when it's over and done with.
Happy news: I planted your four o'clocks in flat and they're sprouting! I have them indoors because we're still having a few frosts. Our tender plants aren't really safe here until the end of May. And we may still get a few frosts after that. The latest hard frost I remember was June 23rd quite a few years ago. It killed my green peppers and a few tomato plants.
I hope you're enjoying your garden :) Sending hugs to you! xox

Val said...

Of course we will be waiting here to see the in-progress photos. Dont worry, just blog when you can! Just keep giving the builders cups of tea, they work faster fuelled up! (My husband is a builder, I know these things!) xx

Anita said...

Dear Marion!

I hope the "bad times" will soon be over and you will be enjoying a great summer! Let's hope all the work in and outside your house will be finished in the near future! And wow, a new shower as well!

Guess what I discovered in the bird nest of our balcony on Wednesday: four little blackbirds! Their eyes are still closed and they have hardly any feathers yet. Please keep your fingers crossed that they will all survive and grow bigger every day!

Have a wonderful week-end, Marion!

All my best wishes for you and J.


P.S.: I had a "photo shot" with more new pottery balls in the garden (with evening sun) yesterday. I hope you'll like them, too (photos will soon be on my blog)

mrspao said...

I sympathise with you having to put up with all the noise and inconvenience but just think: you'll soon have it done and it will be all lovely again :)

Betty said...

You know that my thoughts are with you and John and your 'carpenters'.
Hope they are making lots of progress and will soon be finished.
Just think how much you will enjoy your new bath....
Hope your weekend is going well...

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

So glad you are doing well there Marion. Sorry to hear all is in dissaray at the moment. Hope you can have a lovely weekend anyway somehow. Here it is our May 24th long weekend. Not the 24th yet but that`s what we call it as it is Queen Victoria Day here on Monday.


Carol said...

Oh I was wondering why you've been so quiet of lately but now I see why, oh my so much work and noise to suffer under for you and John! Well a dry house and a new shower room is a good thing for sure and when it's finished all the trouble will be soon forgotten. I always stay tuned my dear that's promised! Hugs Carol xox

Hillside Garden said...

A new Showerroom? Wonderful, my showerroom is so old.
I hope, you are well and the garden too?


Michael Manning said...

Marion: Enjoy your Sunday!

Marie said...

Good luck with the building work and I hope that the disruption is kept to a minimum. It will be worth it in the end.

Connie said...

It is always so hard to have the house worked interrupts your routine. The finished product is going to be well worth it I am sure.

All the best!

Delphine said...

Here in Paris, french gardeners use to read your blog (or try to) or look at the wonderfull pictures of your lovely garden ! I hope that i will see one day those magnificent landscapes. Thank you for making us travelling through Wales and sorry for my bad english !