Monday, April 07, 2008

(also know as Kaffir Lily or Bush Lily)

I’d like to show you my Kaffir Lily..... Isn’t she beautiful! Their flowering period varies, it can be as early as February/March time right through to early summer.

Its such a thrill to see emerging buds grow from within a rosette of long strappy dark green leaves...... slowly, slowly they open, then suddenly, just like the brightness of the early morning sun as it rises over the mountain tops.... twelve or more golden, orange flowers become a sight to behold, all borne on a single thick stem.

I have three more of these potted indoor plants, all off cuts from the first Kaffir Lily I bought some 10 years ago.... I remember asking the plant-man about its care and being surprised when he told me I had to ‘frighten it’ to make it flower..... I was soon to learn that this meant it had ‘special needs’..... it must be left to rest throughout the winter, no fertiliser and only water to prevent it wilting. Although it is a frost tender plant, it should be moved to a shadier place in a cooler room. In February I move it to a sunnier position and this is when it starts to bloom its socks off.

The Kaffir Lily can be propagated by seed or by splitting when the plant becomes pot bound. However, the new plant may not flower for a couple of years after splitting...... but when it does, your reward will certainly be worth waiting for.

If you click on the pictures, you see more detail of beauty.


M said...

Hiya! i enjoyed looking at the pics of your Clivia, my Mum always had one around and brought it to flower every single year. She is very green thumbed, unlike me :)
Loved the pics your outing as well, Wales is so beautiful! Even in the early spring . Take care

Betty said...

Dear Friend Marion,

Edward and I wondered about the name of the beautiful plant on his birthday.....absolutely gorgeous.....

Hope you and John are well....counting the days...Love, Betty

Flip Flop Floozie said...

I love lilies. I used to grow a lot of them back in Illinois. I am now trying them here in Ga to see how they grow. I bought the most BEAUTIFUL red one yesterday!! I forget its name. I put a picture on my blog yesterday!! It is just gorgeous!! I hope it lives. The climate and the bad soil here are something that only certain things work in a garden. My gardenias are getting ready to bloom..Hm..wonderful fragrance!!

Barbara said...

I already heard the name of this plant but I never saw a Clivia. What a beauty it is and such a nice name for this wonderful plant, Marion! You're right, it is worth waiting for its bloom. I hope and wish, that this bloom will last for a while so you can enjoy it as long as possible!
Have a good time,

Barbara said...

Such beautiful colours on the Kafir Lily.

Willow said...

What an 'extravagant' bloom! No wonder you love the Kaffir Lily!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Kaffir Lilly. I haven't seen one quite like this before.
You must be very kind to it for the reward it had given you. Thanks for sharing your spring with us.

Sara said...

They are indeed beautiful. I did not know their common name's as pretty as they are. The orange and green is one of my favorite combinations...I love nasturtiums for the same reason, especially when the sun is making them glow.

The kaffir lilies are in bloom here in California too, I am seeing them in peoples' gardens everywhere.


Sharon L Goemaere said...

What a lovely flower!I really like your blog.Found you via Willow's blog.Blessings~Sharon Goemaere

Wild Rose said...

Hi Marion

What a stunning flower! It has the most gorgous colour.

Marie x

Mountain Mama said...

Your Kaffir Lily is just beautiful. It looks rather large in the picture. I will be doing a google search to learn more about them.
I'm glad you are back. I have missed your posts.

Kerri said...

Hello Marion! Your Clivia is stunning! I'd love to try one. It looks wonderful against all the windows in that pretty room.