Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010I wish all my dear blogging friends and readers a very Happy New Year. May it be enriched with many blessings.... particularly good health and happiness. I know I have been absent for far too long but one of my resolutions for 2010 is to get back into blogging again. I'm looking forward to catching up with you all. May peace and joy be with you on the eve of this new year.

The beautiful 100 year old vintage calendar card that celebrates the new year of 1910 was taken
from Karen's Graphic Fairy free clip art site


Tyra i Vaxholm said...

My dear Marion, thank you for this post, I've been missing you a lot! I hope you will come back with more lovely post during next year. Lots of Love / Tyra

Oops, I almost forgot...I wish you a great New Years Eve and a Happy New Year!

Sara said...

Dear Marion, I am so pleased to see that you are back! Best wishes to you and yours for a wonderful 2010; may it bring you health, peace and lots of blogging inspiration too!

1910...that was the year my German grandfather immigrated to the USA ...100 years ago. Wow. Thank you for the link to the clip art site...I shall go exploring now.

Blessings to you...

Anonymous said...

In it all charm!

Willow said...

Happy New Year! I am so pleased to hear from you on this last day of 2009 and find out that you plan to share more of your beautiful village in 2010!

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Marion, Happy New Year to you too. I am so hoping that this new year brings better health and just enough for us to make it. Mike is starting a new job on the 11th. I suppose you heard that I fell down 14 steps here at home on the 10th and now am a mess..Bad left knee and a slight break in my left wrist. Trying to get better.
Blessings to you and John.

Mrs. Peterson's Place said...

Happy New Year to you too Marion. I pray it is full of the peace, blessings and good health that God has in store for you.


Mountain Mama said...

Oh, it's so good to see you have returned to the worls of Blog! I have missed your posts and lovely pictures.
I want to wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.
I will be back soon!

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Dear Marion, welcome back to the blogging world, we have missed you!

A very Happy and Healthy 2010 to you and yours.

Val said...

Good to read some words from you. I too think I may blog a bit more than I have.

Hope the new year is good to you and yours.

Barbara said...

May all your good wishes return to you too. A healthy, happy and wonderful New Year to you and your family!

Barbara said...

So good to see you back Marion. I will be looking forward to all those new Welsh scenes.

Wishing yourself and family the very best for 2010.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Betty said...

Dear friend Marion,
I've been remiss in not visiting blogs of late. As you know December has been rather hard on us.

I'm so glad to see you posting have so much to share.

Much love and tender thoughts...Betty