Saturday, January 09, 2010


I hope that you had a very Happy Christmas and as we step forth into not only a New Year, but a new decade.... my hope is that it will be enriched with many blessings for you all.

The view from our village of Cadair Idris Mountain

It was 16 years ago this week that John and I moved from the Cotswolds and embraced our new life at the Old Police Station in this small village in North Wales. We have faced many challenges and a lot of hard work along the way in the restoration of our home..... and I have had several health issues to contend with during this time too, but looking back and taking stock of where we are today, we feel well blessed with our lot and have no regrets.

Despite loving our home as we do, we put it up for sale last year.... Yes, it still surprises me that we did this, but John was thinking ahead and felt that something smaller would be easier to cope with in the years to come. It was with great reluctance I might add for both of us..... I knew it would be very hard for us to leave.... and for me, particularly my garden..... however, we felt that if it was meant to be we would get a sale..... if not, then we were meant to stay here..... we did not get a sale and I believe that we are meant to stay here. I’m happy about that!

John and I have always had a project or two on the go and during the time the ‘For Sale’ board was up we both found it quite frustrating not to have some homemaking/improvement project to turn our attention to. Our garden was tended as usual but any new plants that I just couldn’t resist buying, were simply planted in pots awaiting a possible move.... but it didn’t happen and so, as we now step into 2010, I have to tell you how happy I am.... full of the hope and anticipation of picking up the threads of our dearly loved home once again and weaving the fabric of our future here at the Old Police Station.

This picture of Mount Snowdon was taken from the coast road looking across Cardigan Bay. I zoomed in a little too much, hence the lack of clarity.... nevertheless, I think you can still appreciate what a spectacular sight it was with the blue sea in the foreground.


We spent Christmas and New Year in Switzerland, visiting our son Christopher and his wife Agata. They have recently bought a farm house in the old town of Eglisau, in the canton of Zurich.... this beautiful town straddles both sides of the river Rhine. C & A have great plans afoot to renovate and restore their new home..... so we helped them make a start..... and apart from Christmas Day our time there was very much a 'hands on working holiday'..... Fences were erected, gates posts put in and new windows installed... and that's just mentioning a few!

When our flight landed at Zurich Airport it was snowing heavily.... just what you expect for Christmas in Switzerland.... however, the snow came and went and came again, we also enjoyed frosty days, sunny days and raining days too.

This is Eglisau... taken on a sunny day from the bridge that spans the Rhine. C & A's new home is just a couple of minutes walk away from the banks of the river.

The old town is a lovely place to wander around..... made up of these beautifully constructed medieval half timbered houses, their timber structures painted in wonderful bright colours. I can just imagine how glorious they will look in spring and summer with flowers spilling over from many window boxes.

On the south facing slopes above the town are many neatly tended vineyards from which Eglisau produces its own wine.
I have other pictures that I'd like to show, but I'll leave them for another post.
Now, before I go, I can't resist showing my last picture.... Our latest project at home has been to fit this little wood burning stove in our sitting room. All the work was completed one Saturday late November..... it is simply wonderful and we've asked ourselves several times why we've never thought of installing one before. We burn a mixture of hard wood logs and smokeless fuel and on recent days of sub-zero temperatures, I don't mind admitting that it has been rather difficult to tear myself away from its toasty warmth.

If you too are experiencing the same wintery weather at us in UK and most of Europe... keep warm and safe.


Willow said...

Happy New Year, Marion! May this year be one of re-settling in knowing that you will be in your little home this year. I love snuggling up to a wood stove in the wintertime!

Your photos of Snowdon make me want to hop on a plane right now and fly to Wales!

Betty said...

Dear Sweet Marion,
I know the mixed feelings you had about leaving the Old Police Station...but I'm selfish and happy that you are staying there. I've seen so many projects that you and John have completed and the satisfaction that brought.

What a blessing to spend time with Christopher, Agata and Kenzo. The pictures are awesome...

Edward and I do pray that you and John and family enjoy God's richest blessings in 2010.

Love and Hugs....Betty

Sara said...

Your new stove does look warm and cozy!

It would be quite a coincidence if my husband and I traveled through your little town this past summer when we took a tour of England that included 2 days in North Wales! Beautiful country you have there!

Frances said...

Although I understood your reasons for thinking of moving, having seen your beautiful little home into which you both poured so much work, effort and creativity, I thought it would break your hearts to do so. Now I'm thrilled to hear that your hearts are intact and you are looking forward to many years in that delightful spot. Not that another spot in your lovely village would not have been wonderful, but you know what I mean. Have you warned your garden that you are going to be out there with a vengeance come Spring?

What a gorgeous town where Christopher and Agata live. I really want to see photos of it in spring and summer, bursting with colour.

Such a busy time you had over the Christmas period, and one that I'm sure you all enjoyed as a family.

God bless you all this year.....I think He's already begun by not letting you sell your home.

Alice said...

Hi Marion - sorry if I confused you with the names - I was logged in using a different account. But it's just little old me....'Alice'.

Barbara said...

Your wood burning stove looks very welcoming Marion. Especially at present when I guess you have much more snow.

Snowdon looks wonderful covered in snow,as do the Swiss pics.

Looks like you got your desire in the end with the house.Enjoy it while you can.

We are still struggling with the snow and I will b e glad to see the backof it.

Anonymous said...

I inclination not acquiesce in on it. I think warm-hearted post. Expressly the title-deed attracted me to study the unscathed story.

Boxwood Cottage said...

Hello Marion!

I just catched up with you, well your blog that is! Glad to see you so well! :)

What a pretty swiss town that your son moved to!

Oh and I'm so happy for you and John that you can stay in your lovely home. That must be such a relief for you, although I can understand that you thought of looking for something smaller. Couldn't you just hire some help for the heavy garden works instead?

That little woodburning stove is so cute, I can imagine how cosy it must be to sit near it, especially in this cold winter. We just got lot's of fresh snow tonight on top of all the old snow. I cannot remember the last time that we had so much snow here in the deeper parts of Northwest Germany and I for one really enjoy it.

Sending you my warmest wishes for a wonderful year ahead!

xoxo Carola

Kerri said...

I'm so happy for you that you're staying on in your beautiful Old Police Station. As Alice says, God has blessed you richly already in 2010 by guiding you to stay in your beloved home.
I'm sure you and John are cooking up new projects even as I type :)
Switzerland looks so lovely. Thanks for taking us along!
Wishing you and John a healthy, happy New Year rich in God's blessings, dear Marion.