Saturday, February 11, 2012


There's a touch of magic in the air...
I saw the first white snowdrop peep
And though cold winter holds his sway,
And though the earth seems still asleep,
There's a touch of magic in the air.

I heard the blackbird sing today
His morning anthem to the dawn,
His crystal notes lift heart and mind
And once again fresh hope is born.
New life is waking everywhere...
There's a touch of magic in the air.
Iris Hesselden

We often walk this little pathway alongside the river as it makes its way down to the sea. It's a joy to behold right now... the banks are scattered with crocus, primroses and snowdrops. Whilst the river runs icy cold, released from the grips of snowy mountain tops.

February brings with it the first real dreams of a change in the season. When you can feel that certain magic in the air that Iris Hesselden writes about in the above poem.

See the frail promise of spring as delicate flowers nestle in the frost tinged grass...

....and the dripping trees look alive again as the sunlight glints on bare branches

There's a stark cold beauty as the water tumbles over mossy stones

Dry stone walls such at this, built with impressive boulders dominate the countryside and flank the bridleways... they run for miles, often up and over incredible slopes. Held together simply by the skill of the builder selecting just the right shaped stone to fit against the next one. They certainly stand the test of time. Who built them and when?

Looking over the wall sheep quietly graze as the sea comes into view.

It's a pebbly beach... the stones washed so beautifully smooth by the constant toing and froing of the tide... all different shapes and sizes. I can never resist taking a few chosen ones back for garden decoration.
When our grandchildren were small they loved to visit the local beaches, collect shells, seaweed, pretty pebbles of all colours and shapes. They would bring home a bucket of sand and create their own little beach in the backyard... happy days!

Snowdrops are in flower in cottage gardens and woodlands.

There have been days when heavy rain has made the little river flood...
...and other days when it has run at a gentler flow.
Our little river flows into this bigger one.

A frosty morning, the sun has just risen above the mountains and glints through the hedgerow as we walk Kenzo.

The sunlight glows on the hillside and quickly takes the frost... the shadier fields have to wait a while, their turn for warmth will come soon enough.

The frost makes pretty patterns on the fence posts.

It's time to turn back to a warm kitchen and get the coffee on. Kenzo would be quite happy to go on though...

...but after a few persuasive calls and whistles he runs back hoping there will be a treat for him.
The morning sun catches the top of the pampas grass as Kenzo sniffs around thinking... 'maybe the neighbours cat has visited whilst I've been out'.
For supper that evening I made a savory flan... very simple and quite delicious!
Have a good weekend everyone
Blessings - Marion


Mary said...

All looks so lovely Marion, the early Spring flowers, the sea, the river.....and the sun bright and welcoming on a chilly day. Love your Kenzo - and that handsome guy in the background looks like he's having a great walk down the lanes while you work the camera lens! Love sheep grazing with sea in the background - wish I was there right now!

Happy weekend dear.
Hugs - Mary

Willow said...

Thank you for sharing your walk with us! The signs of spring are certainly welcome. And the photo of the sheep grazing near the sea is enchanting.

Betsy said...

I like the mossy rocks. I especially like the river rushing over the rocks making a soothing sound. Do you think you could post a recipe for the savory flan, that is a beautiful picture too. Looks sooo good!

Betty said...

Sweet Sista Marion,
Thank you sooo much for the sweet comment on the Valentine's Day posting.

Edward and I wish you a John a blessed day filled with love...

We love you both dearly...

What beautiful pictures! I love glimpses into your every day life and country side...One day!!!
The beach shells and rocks that you brought us are displayed where I see them constantly throughout the day and they evoke such sweet memories of your visit! The beautiful water color of Bird Rock greets me each time I walk up the steps into the kitchen...each room holds many reminders of our time spent together.
Blessings, dear friend...

Pearl said...

Very nice -- and a far cry from what Minneapolis looks like right now!

Eagerly awaiting Spring,


Sara said...

Greetings, Marion! Somehow I missed this when you posted...but now I've caught up again. It does look very cold! But I love the golden color where the sun shines! Seeing Kenzo running about made me smile. Supper looks really delicious!

It is always lovely to see glimpses of your world, thank you for sharing it with us.

Blessings to you and yours.

Mountain Mama said...

Thank you for the enjoyable stroll through the welsh countryside. I thoroughly enjoyed it!
I am amazed at all the snowdrops you have there. I have a few patches in my yard but they don't grow wild anyplace around here that I know of.
Your little dog is so cute. I love the picture of him running to you. He looks like He is expecting something special.
Thanks for a wonderful post Marion.

Barbara said...

Beautiful photos Marion and I love the reflective sun. I guess that is your nest at the bottom of the lane.

The flan looks yummy.

Hope you had a good Easter and that you are both well. Blessings. Barbara

Alice said...

Hello Marion - I've just been looking at your frosty photos and not relishing the thought of our approaching winter. Your photos are always lovely and bring back memories of visiting you.

We have just had four wonderful weeks in China visiting our daughter. I've begun posting photos, etc. to my new blog -

I hope you and John, and your son are now enjoying better health.